Natural Hair Products I’ve Watched Come & Go

Natural Hair Products I’ve Watched Come & Go


The beginning of my natural hair journey was a bit overwhelming, as it is for most naturalistas. We are all on the hunt for the perfect products, miracle-working hair tools and the simplest most effective techniques to help manage our natural hair. And early on I was willing to try them all if necessary. But I’m so glad that I didn’t! Over the past 5 years or so, there have been so many natural hair products I’ve watched come and go.

Natural Hair Product Fads - Longing 4 Length

The Tangle Teezer

I can’t begin to tell you how many YouTube videos and blog post I read about the Tangle Teezer. There were several naturalistas that loved it and then there were those that didn’t, as it is with any product. But the Tangle Teezer was known as “a miracle brush detangler” that fit right in the palm of your hand. Not only that, it’s reasonably priced and found right at your local Sally Beauty.

The Denman Brush

The Denman Brush was another detangling tool that hit the natural hair world by storm. And yes, like the Tangle Teezer I stalked review after review about this brush for months. But the Denman Brush offered more than just a detangling benefit; according to several naturals it was great at helping to achieve curl definition. The downside though, was that it cost significantly more than most other detangling tools. And some naturals ended up having to modify their Denman Brushes to better suit their curls.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner

I discovered the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner early in my natural hair journey and it quickly became my must-have conditioner. Not only did it have amazing slip, it also left my hair feeling moisturized. I discovered this amazing conditioner from all of the reviews posted on natural hair forums and blogs…it was definitely a favorite in the natural hair community.

These are just a few of the natural hair products I’ve watched come and go over the past few years. I’m sure there are there a few more that can be added to the list. And I’m sure there are tons of naturalistas out there that still use and swear by these products. However, with companies taking note that “natural hair” is here to stay, the market is now flooded with new natural hair products every few months and the oldies (but goodies) sometimes get lost somewhere in the shuffle.   

What natural hair products have you watched come and go?

Is there a natural hair product in your stash that you can’t live without? What are your current favorite natural hair products?

  • StylePoise

    I still live for the denman brush! It’s the only thing that can detangle these curls in addition to a good conditioner. My go-to products used to be the Kinky Curly line but as much as I wash and style my hair that stuff started getting expensive. So, I am now using Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in-conditioner and Eco Styler Olive Oil gel and they’ve been working great for me thus far!!

  • I still use my Denman. Now, I only use it to brush my hair up into a pony. I can say I never tried the tangle teaser. It was something about it that just scared me. LOL

  • blutifulblaq

    I still want to try the Denman brush. My Tangle Teaser is one I can toss. It just causes tooooooooo much breakage. I think it works perfectly on relaxed hair, but not so much on texlaxed and transitioning hair.

  • Back in the early 2000’s, Naturalaxer was around and a lot of Naturals were jumping on that product, including me LOL!! Then it was all the Dominican products like Lacio, Lacio and Salerm. My favorite was Sedal Conditioner for “Spongy” hair. i would co-wash with that. Now you have to really search to find that stuff, but that Sedal was the truth! I agree with this post, many products have come and gone and many more will too. But good products stick around for years to come. Like Oyin, they’ve been around for a minute and I believe it’s because they’re just plain good. Blended Beauty is another one. It’s a Canadian company. That’s why I’m not really impressed with a lot of the big name hair lines out now, a lot of them are just copies of copies. I just like to stick with what works and maybe experiment just a little with the new things. P.S. I’ve never owned a Denman or Tangle teaser, a good ol Wide tooth comb works for me 😀

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