Natural Hair Resolutions

Natural Hair Resolutions


As this year comes to a close, we began setting goals and resolutions in preparation for the New Year ahead. In addition to the typical resolutions to eat right, save money, lose weight, etc. many naturalistas, like myself, set Natural Hair Resolutions as well. This year I decided to keep my list simple and attainable. Check out my 2013 Natural Hair Resolutions:

Natural Hair Resolution #1: Incorporate More Protective Styling        

I rarely wear protective styles. And when I do it’s not for the healthy hair benefits, I rock them because I think the style is cute or I’m just too lazy tired of doing my hair. Over this year, I’ve noticed that my hair just doesn’t feel like it used too for whatever reason. So in an attempt to improve the health and overall look of my hair I want to incorporate more protective styles. Lucky for me, L4L is hosting a Protective Style Challenge starting January 7, so I will definitely have the support and motivation to keep the ball rolling with this resolution.

Natural Hair Resolution #2: Improve My Styling Game   

I have been rocking the same old tired styles over and over again…boring! So to help break my styling rut I’ve decided to create a natural hair style bank. I have been searching YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest for style inspiration. My Natural Hair Resolution is to try out a new style at least once a month; I would commit to more but I’m trying to be realistic, trust me one might be a stretch too. Lol

Natural Hair Resolution #3: Establish and Maintain a Regimen

Regimen? What regimen? Lately I’ve been stretching my washes to two sometimes even three weeks and I can’t even tell you the last time I deep conditioned my hair. Please feel free to judge me, I don’t blame you. I swear that washing my hair has become such a chore that I avoid it any way possible. But in 2013 my Natural Hair Goal is to establish and maintain a regimen, something quick, simple and easy. I might even throw in a few pre-poo’s, deep conditioning treatments, and ACV rinses just for the heck of it too; but don’t hold me to it just yet.

Natural Hair Resolution #4: Recover from PJism

Hi, my name is Roni and I’m a Product Junkie. Yup, I suffer from it really bad. With all the new products popping up everywhere for natural hair, it’s no wonder so many naturalistas suffer from this condition. I mean who doesn’t like trying new stuff. My Natural Hair Resolution is to use the products I have in my stash and donating/give away those products that just don’t work for my hair. I’m only allowing myself to purchase staple must have products when I run out. Hopefully I’ll save a few bucks that I can use to buy something else I probably don’t need. SMH

Like I said my Natural Hair Resolutions for the upcoming year are very simple and attainable. Overall my goal is to achieve healthier hair by the end of 2013. What are your Natural Hair Resolutions for 2013?


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