Natural Hair Subscription Services Overview

Natural Hair Subscription Services Overview


Monthly subscription boxes have taken over the beauty industry, offering everything from makeup, nail polish and of course hair products targeted for naturals. although ANYONE of any hair type or texture can benefit!  Anyway, a few years ago only a few natural hair subscription services existed but after their popularity soared through the roof, new companies offering hair and beauty products began to spring up.

What are natural hair subscription services?
Monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) services through which you receive a box with various products geared for curly girls and natural hair.


Why sign up?
Some ladies simply enjoy receiving new products each month in the mail and love the accompanying surprise element.  While this fun factor is a reason many ladies sign up, natural subscription services have practical purposes as well.  New naturals are often unsure of what products work best for their hair and which styles they will enjoy most with their relaxer-free hair.  So receiving many different sample sized products gives customers a change to experiment as they learn their hair needs.  Also, as discussed in Natural Hair Without Going Brokemonthly subscription boxes allows a person to test lots of different products without the expense of having to purchase them individually.  Plus, since most contain sample sized products, if you happen to not like an item – you don’t have a huge bottle to use up.  Almost always the value of the monthly box is much higher than the cost of the subscription and some allow you to opt out of any month you choose, if you remember to do so.

Now lets discuss the pros and cons of some well-known and even relatively unknown natural hair subscription services.

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Curl Kit: Arguably the first and best known of the subscription serviced dedicated to curly haired women, CurlKit consistently offers 7-9 samples as well as bonus full sized items each month from both established brands and emerging gems.  Cost is $20 per month.

Curl Box:  This is the strongest competitor to Curl Kit and to my knowledge was the first natural hair subscription service established by a black woman with natural hair, Myleik Teele.  The frustrating part of this service is in order to join, you have to get on a “list” and from what I understand the list opens at random times each month for only short periods of time.  On the other hand, some ladies love the exclusivity this process offers and live for the “list” to open each month. Cost again is $20 per month.

Curl Collection:  Bi-monthly subscription service delivering FULL (not sample) sized products that are all sulfate and paraben free.  Curl Collection is also dedicated to supporting small and new businesses that otherwise may go undiscovered by its recipients.  Cost $35 bi-monthly.

Overnight Natural.  This is the first natural hair subscription service that does not require automatic billing to a credit card each month.  The boxes begin shipping around the 15th of each month and you can purchase as your needs and desires dictate.  Cost $30 per purchase.

Dekem Divas. Each month you’ll receive receive a variety of 4-6 hair care and styling products specially chosen for curly hair. Cost $22.95 per month.  

Onyx Box.  This is more of a beauty subscription service for women of color than it is specific to natural hair.  Customers receive 5 deluxe-size or full size hair, skin, makeup and lifestyle products but this service difference in that four are standard while you get to select a 5th from a hand-picked selection of luxury beauty products. Cost $20 per month.

If you have tried any of the natural hair subscription services, what are your feelings on them? Do you have a favorite?

  • water7apple

    I’ve tried Curl Kit for two months which I liked. But just cancel membership to try Cocotique box subscription, which include skin, hair, and other beauty products. Last month’s box included the new sheamoisture hair line product.

  • Lawd! I’m trying to cut back on services but now I see a couple I am not familiar with…problems. B/c I’m low porosity I tend to do better with products for naturals b/c of the extra moisturizing. If that makes sense. lol