Natural Hairstyle for Kids | Just for Me Hair Milk Review

Natural Hairstyle for Kids | Just for Me Hair Milk Review


Whenever I’m home for vacation, I normally do quite a few heads of family members which I never mind doing.  They’ve also gotten to the point of not only expecting me to do their hair but also to be featured on the blog and/or YouTube channels and luckily they don’t mind (nor do their parents)!  This braid/twist updo combination is a great natural hairstyle for kids – mainly pre-teen and early teenage girls.  The cousin featured in this post is 11 years old and very active, playing basketball and softball, so I wanted a maintenance free style for her.

Natural Hairstyle for Kids - Braid, Twist Updo - Longing4Length2-001

This was our starting point; Destiny’s natural hair texture is very soft, thick, and type 3c – completely different than her mother or I who both have coarse, type 4b hair.  Her primary hair problems are fuzzy edges and hair that is too soft to hold a style – it often curls out of the braids immediately giving her style a “fuzzy” appearance.  I did Destiny’s hair at her home, so we used the products she normally uses which is the Just For Me Hair Milk line.

Natural Hairstyle for Kids - Braid, Twist Updo -

The entire Hair Milk line contains shea butter, soy milk and honey and claims to leave naturally tight, curly or wavy textures with finger through manageability.

  • Shampoo: Does contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  It has been so long since I’ve used a sulfate shampoo that I forgot just how much they lather!  I shampooed Destiny’s hair twice and despite it not being that dirty to begin with, this shampoo did not leave her hair “squeaky” clean and it felt very soft.
  • Conditioner:  Is actually “milky” feeling, not thin but I wouldn’t describe it as thick either.  This conditioner made her hair extremely soft and manageable (but Destiny’s hair is fairly tangle-free naturally anyway).  I was able to finger through her hair and use a wide tooth comb extremely easily!
  • Straightening Mist:  Is a combination of a detangler and heat protectant.  I applied this to Destiny’s hair directly after rinsing the conditioner then lightly blowdried her hair to stretch it a bit.  Her hair felt soft and I did not see a need to follow up with another heavy moisturizer.
  • Smoothing Edges Creme:  My favorite product of the line, this edge creme is like a heavy pomade.  It is a translucent white color that slicked down her edges amazingly well – and remember that is one of Destiny’s primary hair issues.  I also used a tiny amount on the two strand twists in the front of her hair to combat frizz.
  • Curl Smoother:  I applied a bit of this product to her hair as I was braiding the sides and back to remove the “fuzzy” look she normally has and moisturize her hair a bit (although her hair didn’t feel as though it needed additional moisture).  This product does not contain petroleum or mineral oil so that is great, but I don’t feel it did anything to enhance her curls and the product claims.  It is really just a very lightweight moisturizer.

Check out the video tutorial below as I walk you through each step of creating this cute natural hairstyle for kids:

You know how doing little girls’ hair always seems to put them to sleep?  Well by the time I finished, she was tired so when I told her to smile she gave me that goofy grin!  In any event, if I had more time I would’ve made the braids a bit smaller but overall I was pleased with the results and she liked it also.

Natural Hairstyle for Kids - Braid, Twist Updo - Longing4Length1-001

In a few days she can take the twists out and rock the front in a twistout if she wants which makes the style last longer and gives another really cute look.  I’d recommend the Hair Milk line by Just for Me, I just wish they would create two separate shampoos – one clarifying with SLS and one moisturizing without.  But as I said, it didn’t “seem” to strip her hair so maybe I’m just an ingredient nazi?  Anyway, those are my thoughts for the moms out there – this product line is really economical and has everything you need for maintaining your daughter’s natural hair.

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  • sxm_tash

    I really love this line also, it keeps my girls hair very soft and their edges are also very fuzzy. Thumbs up for Just for Me!

  • Love it. She’s a cutie. I wish her the best in her athletics. As a prior athlete, I know low mani is best.

  • Her hairstyle looks really cute, I think all kids get sleepy no matter how early you start their hair lol