Olivia Talks Hair with Ebony C. Princess!

Olivia Talks Hair with Ebony C. Princess!


One of the unexpected perks of attending the Think Like a Man Too screening courtesy of Motions Hair a few weeks ago was the opportunity to meet and interview R&B songstress and original Love & Hip Hop cast member Olivia!  Imagine my surprise as I listened to the  private chat with the men of the film when Olivia sails in and stands literally directly behind me!  I squelched my urge to let out a yelp of excitement and turned to introduce myself.  I explained my longtime admiration for her hair and love for her stylist, Gabrille Corney whom I’ve already interviewed here on L4L!  She was gracious enough to do an impromptu  interview on the spot – check out our hair chat below:


ECP: As I told your stylist Gabrielle Corney when I interviewed her, I absolutely love your signature side swept, free flowing curls.  How do you feel about being viewed as a style icon?
Olivia:  Well, I knew my hair was a signature for me since I was 14 – that’s when I met Gabi.  I was walking my dogs in Queens and she stopped me on the street and said “Oh my god, you are so adorable! I love your hair!” And we just started kicking it from there.  I told her “When I make it big, I’m going to come back and use you” and I never forgot it.  We just like to reinvent things and I do my hair a lot myself, I did my hair tonight.  For color, I always use Gabi or one other stylist – those are my go-to girls.  So it feels good to walk into a salon and see girls, or sometimes they send me pictures, and ask for “the Olivia”!  It’s so cute to see them doing that.

ECP: Personally and on my blog, Longing 4 Length, I am known for constantly changing up my look, as Gabi says hair is the ultimate accessory!  As a celebrity with a signature look, do you ever feel restricted with your style because fans are used to seeing you wear your hair a certain way?
Olivia: No because I can pin it up, I can pull it back, I can put it in twists….I had pinned it up the other day and I guess the girls [fans] thought I cut it and went crazy! And I was like ‘Calm down, no, it’s just pinned up!’  So it’s so cute just seeing them go back and forth about my hair because they take it as seriously as I do!

Olivia being coiffed by hair stylist Gabi Corney
Olivia being coiffed by hair stylist Gabi Corney

ECP:  Considering you have such a high lifted color and where your own hair most of the time as opposed to relying on weaves and wigs like many celebrities, do you find it difficult to keep your hair healthy?
Olivia:  We condition it all the time.  Gabi’s always telling me to condition my hair – protein, moisture, every type of conditioner!  So I have never had a problem keeping it healthy.  I also don’t have a relaxer – I’ve never had one.

ECP:  Do you have any go-to favorite products?
Olivia: We love Redken, Carol’s Daugher, Bed Head – the one for blondes – and Argan Oil.  I use sulfate free products because of my color.

ECP:  What is your regular hair care regimen?
I normally wash my hair twice per week and condition it all the time.  I almost always do rollersets, and if needed a light blow out afterwards for like my roots.  I don’t really use too much heat – not because of my color – but just because the rollersets make my hair so much fuller and the curls last a lot longer.

ECP:  Are there any new projects you having coming that fans can look forward to?
Olivia: Yes! I am actually filming an HBO series now and it is going to be absolutely amazing, so be on the look out for that.  I have a book called Release Me dropping July 1st.  There will be new music as well, which is what I’m mostly excited about, so yes there is a lot coming!

Keep up with Oliva via Twitter @1andonlyOlivia | Instagram @only1olivia | Facebook OliviaWorldWide

Olivia Longott of Love and Hip Hop Hair Styles Interview with Ebony C Princess of Longing 4 Length

Thank you so much Olivia for taking the time to chat hair – on the spot – with me! I enjoyed meeting you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  As I said during our conversation December is one of my favorite songs and I look forward to hearing new music from you!

  • Angela

    Wow, I have loved Olivia since she released her first solo album. I’ve always had a hair crush on her. Her curls are gorgeous!

    • Seriously! She really doesn’t get enough shine – she and her hair are so beautiful!

      • Angela

        She really doesn’t. She is really talented and has a beautiful voice.

  • Lesley X

    Great post Ebony! Her hair is so gorgeous x

    • Thank you, I loveddddddd her hair! Although I’m a bit too shy to wear hair that blonde I still love it! 🙂

  • Kay’s Ways

    You got a 2 for 1 treat (going to the screening and interviewing Olivia!). Her hair is always on point.

  • That was freaking cool!

  • Ra

    I wonder what a wash & go would look like cuz she always does roller sets. That would be cool to see it’s always nice to see celebs where their natural out of the shower texture.