One $20 Half Wig, Styled 4 Ways

One $20 Half Wig, Styled 4 Ways


Although I prefer investing a bit more money into my sew in weaves for quality human hair, when it comes to wigs I am an equal opportunist!  Cheap wigs – while they cannot be curled or colored – offer a great deal of versatility.  I’m not so much a fan of full synthetic wigs (they always look a bit too “wiggy” for my taste) but a good half can fool even the most trained fake hair spotting eye!

styling a half wig

Many of my longtime followers know that my all time favorite wig is Model Model Cocktail Bay Breeze. Even now that my hair is much longer than this with a braid or twist out, I still absolutely love this half wig! It looks great with a headband and no hair left out so it is perfect for stretching your relaxer, as I am doing now. I’ve worn this Bay Breeze half wig in a variety of ways, including braiding the front and placing the wig on the back, rod setting a little of my hair in the front to blend and with no hair left out at all as I did in these styles.  Plus it actually gets better with time, whereas most synthetic half wigs only have about a four week life span. Plus, it only costs around $20 from most online retailers.  You can’t beat it!

Since I have ALL of my hair cornrowed til relaxer day, I decided to show four ways you can style this inexpensive half wig without leaving any of your hair out! Of course this works with any headband or scarf you choose, this time I went with a graphic print fabric headband.

 styling a half wig

Style 1 is the traditional way most half wigs are worn. Just place the combs, position the headband, fluff and go!

Style 2 is a half up half down look in which the front half is pulled back into a semi-pompadour and secured with a bobby pin.

how to wear a half-wig

Style 3 is also a half up/half down look except the back is pinned up while the front is left down. Cute as well.

how to style a half wig

Style 4 is my favorite! Its a side faux hawk, the sides and back were pinned up and the front is styled on one side. I think this looks super cute and natural!

Another reason I love Cocktail Bay Breeze is that the hair (while synthetic) looks really natural and realistic.  This is almost always how you will see me wearing my hair the weeks leading up to my relaxers.  I’ll be completely honest and say I do NOT consider myself an expert on stretching my relaxers, nor do I think I’ve mastered stretching without suffering some breakage.  But the best option for me to minimize breakage and manipulation is to simply braid my hair up and hide it away until it is time for my touch up and nothing gets me through quite like my good ol’ faithful half wig!

  • All of these styles are too cute! I appreciate your creativity and the versatility you see in hair. I need some of that to rub off on me (I’m such a plain Jane, lol). Great post, Ebony!

    • No, you do just fine with your rollersets my dear! LOL! Thanks 🙂

  • Lesley

    Absolutely gorgeous, and what a great buy! x

  • dessy

    great hair style

  • Jas

    I love this wig, I’ll definitely be looking for this wig online. Thanks for the post 🙂

  • Tomes Edition

    Very creative indeed!

  • I 2nd what Kim wrote, I love how creative you are with your hair in general, it won’t hurt to send some of that hair styling power my way, I’ll even pay for the international shipping taxes and all! lol

    • Thank you chica! You wanna do paypal? I send you a box full of styling inspiration, LMBO! 😉

  • Abbi N

    Looks great! I did a similar style with a half wig, you can see it in this post Great job!

  • That is a cute wig. I’ve been doing the same lately with not leaving any hair out. It is amazing what you can do with a scarf or headband. lol