Optimum Care Amla Legend Hair Care Giveaway!

Optimum Care Amla Legend Hair Care Giveaway!


I’m excited to announce that Soft Sheen Carson in conjunction with O Magazine is sponsoring an awesome giveaway featuring the complete Optimum Care Amla Legend Hair Care line.

Optimum Care Amla Legend

The line includes six products:  the no mix, no-lye relaxer kit, body filler hair wash shampoo, body filler hair cream instant conditioner, damage anti-dote oil moisturizer, 1001 oils cream night wrap and the billion hair potion.

I have discussed the benefits of amla oil in a previously posted article, but to briefly summarize: The Amla (Emblica offcinalis) tree  is indigenous to India and many Indian women use oil produced by the amla fruit as a hair conditioner.  Amla oil has the ability to strengthen hair strands, prevent greys, and keep the hair and scalp clean of fungus and bacteria just to name a few of its benefits.

My personal experience with the relaxer is that it was too strong and processed too quickly for MY hair, but others report to have had great experiences with it.  I would recommend that whenever trying a new chemical, especially a relaxer, that you perform a strand test first to see if you have any adverse reaction.  I recommend the moisturizers to be used as sealants as they contain mineral oil, they will work wonderfully in that capacity.

My favorite product of the line is the Billion Hair Potion, which I also discussed in great detail here, but as a reminder below is the video in which I describe the ingredients.

A total of FIVE winners will receive the complete Optimum Care Amla Legend line!

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  • Robyn

    Ebony, am I correct in assuming that only American readers are eligible for the competition?

    Oh and I wanted to comment regarding the 1001 oils cream night wrap – I’ve been using it as a wrap cream, as a moisturizer, as a scalp massage – it is AWESOME! I am getting the billion hair potion at the end of this month, so far I am quite pleased.

    • Yes, you are right – it is only for US addresses. I should have included that info in the post, they are actually paying the shipping and gave me that as a guideline. Sorry! And I’m surprised that moisturizer works well in all those capacities – I tried it as a sealant and it was bomb.

  • Leah Stobe

    Who are the winners?

    • Sorry for the delayed reply – the winners were contacted privately and each confirmed receipt of her prize. I don’t post any winner names to protect and respect everyone’s privacy. Thanks for entering!