My Experience Using the Entire Optimum Care Salon Collection Line

My Experience Using the Entire Optimum Care Salon Collection Line

Optimum Care Salon Collection

Optimum Care Salon CollectionAs you know, I have been trying several new products from the Optimum Care Salon line along with my staple relaxer, the Optimum Care Salon Collection No-Lye (normal strength).  During my most recent touch up I decided (for the first time in my life) to try using the entire line – no other products – as an experiment.  I wanted to see if my hair responded better to using only one product line.  Most women, regardless of race, use products from varying brands on their hair and I am no exception.  However, since relaxing is a chemical process, I was curious if I would receive superior results with using products all from the Optimum Care Salon Collection line as they are designed to work in concordance with one another.  So here is my experience and re-review of the Optimum Care Salon Collection no lye relaxer that I love so much!

Optimum Care Salon Collection Relaxer Experience & Review:

  • The kit comes supplied with a pre-treatment to protect your previously relaxed length, activator and relaxer creme, neutralizing shampoo, reconstructor conditioner, leave-in conditioner and whipped oil moisturizer.
  • Pre-Treatment:  I’ve used this item when I took my Optimum Care relaxer to the salon back in July.  It is of a liquidy consistency and sufficiently protected my length.  However, I do prefer my method of using conditioner and castor oil simply because of the runny consistency of this product; I feel like some of it will easily get on the new growth which I want to be naked to receive full straightening power.  However, if you texlax your hair, this product is perfect because its application is much faster than my method and it does fully saturate your hair to protect it from relaxer run off.
  • Relaxer:  You already know how much I love this relaxer – I hope they never remove it from the market.  My hair feels so silky and smooth after rinsing it and I feel I can literally point to the portion of my hair which has been relaxed with the Optimum Care Salon Collection relaxer versus what I was using before.  The texture is more consistent and even thicker.  I’ve never burned with this relaxer – and I’ve self-relaxed before with the same exact prep method – and I always receive great results.  My last touch up was no different.
  • Reconstructor:  I’ve used this three times and it has replaced my “previous” reconstructor.  The only time I use a reconstructor is mid-relaxer, after rinsing the creme but prior to neutralizing and this one does the job of strengthening quit well..  As I rinse it from my hair it feels amazing and saves me from purchasing a separate product.
  • Neutralizing Shampoo:  I love color indicating neutralizing shampoos!  I just feel it is an added level of precaution to make sure you’ve completely neutralized and rinsed the relaxer completely from your hair and scalp.  Also, this shampoo seems very gentle, my hair never feels stripped.  Normally I would follow the neutralizing shampoo with Chi Clean Start, my staple chelating shampoo to make sure I rinsed the mineral deposits no-lye relaxers are notorious for leaving on the hair, but like I said I only used Optimum Care products this wash and surprisingly my hair did NOT feel dry all week!  I’ve used other no-lye relaxers in the past and experienced the chronic dry feeling so I’m not sure whether to attribute its lack to the relaxer or shampoo or both, but I do love this neutralizer.
  • Deep Conditioning Masque (sold separately, not supplied in the relaxer kit):  I will have a full review coming on this product, I’ve used it three times at the time of writing this post.  So far I am very impressed – I love the tingly feeling it gives my scalp, the amount of slip it gives my hair and my hair felt very well moisturized even though this product does contain mineral oil.
  • Leave In Conditioner:  This product is completely liquid but is supplied in a bottle with a twist off cap.  I wish Soft Sheen Carson would place a little pump spray top on it instead – how on earth can you apply a liquid evenly by pouring it?  I actually transferred it to a pump bottle.  Honestly, I’m not sure what I expect from a leave in because I’ve not found my holy grail yet.  I wasn’t displeased with this product but I did not think it left my hair feeling incredibly moisturized either.  On the L4L Facebook page, Rumania says she loves the leave-in  – so maybe it’s just me?  I had to apply a bit of my favorite moisturizer, Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer (just a tiny amount) and instantly my hair was soft again.

Optimum Care Salon Collection

  • Optimum Care Salon Collection Miracle 6-in-1 Oil:  I used this to seal and smooth my hair for air drying.  Again, I will have a full review on this product, but I can tell you it is like the perfect middleman between an oil and a serum.  So far, I like it!  Stay tuned for my full review.
  • Optimum Care Oil Sheen Spray (Mineral Oil Free):  I really miss using a nice finishing spray for my hair and this product is not only mineral oil free but it smells great!  You know you remember how aerosol-ly smelling oil sheen sprays used to be back in the day!  This is like a reinvented, improved version – I love it and can’t wait to use it on my rollersets and weaves.

I must say, my hair felt great all week.  I have no complaints about the performance of any of the aforementioned and will be repeating this process come next relaxer day.  The only products my hair does not like from the Optimum Care Salon Collection line are the moisturizers.  My hair does not like moisturizers that contain mineral oil.  I tested them out prior to my touch up and on a small section of hair afterwards and they do not sufficiently moisturize MY hair; It is not only these moisturizers, any moisturizer that contains mineral oil, especially a large amount, will not work for my hair.  Overall, I am very pleased that all of the products and conditioners work well for my hair.  I am a scientist by training however I am far from a hair chemist.  Nevertheless, I do believe that if you can find a quality line like Optimum Care Salon Collection to use for your touch ups, it is best to use the entire product line when relaxing.  Chemical straightening is a serious matter – so its nice to have the added insurance of using products that were manufactured professionally to compliment each other.

I am a partner of Soft Sheen Carson and was sent some of the products mentioned for review.

  • Lisa

    Do you have the ingredients list? In the Miracle 6-in-1 Oil it just oil or other ingredients also?

    • I don’t have it handy, sorry but it will be included in the review. It is not ONLY oils in the mixture to answer your question directly.

  • Jazzy

    Good review. As far as leave-ins, have you tried Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner (or sally’s generic), or Giovanni direct leave-in? I have tried both and like the Sally’s generic Paul Mitchell more.

    • You know, I forgot about Giovanni Direct…I did love that earlier in my HHJ. And I’m going to definitely try out The Conditioner soon, thanks for the recommendation.

  • Nenah

    I used this for my last tu. I normally use D&L for color treated hair, but I have to order it online and I’m sick of that. Optimum is it. I won’t be trying another relaxer ever. I did add some safflower oil like always and I didn’t do the mid step protein because I scratched my scalp, but after I relaxed I kept touching my hair. It felt amazing. It was like the protein went into my hair strands and it just absorped every bit of it making my hair super strong. Yeah, I love this relaxer.

  • Nenah

    Oh, and I love the fact that they include a pre treatment. I don’t like conditioner because I feel like it’s too thick but the pre treatment was perfect.
    I’ve also tried the masque in the pack from Sallys. I thought it was awesome, but I need a bottle!

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  • My hair isn’t that dry – but I didn’t want to guess which product had the right amount of moisturizing for my hair. I bought the Shielo Restoration Oil to just go all out and moisturize the heck out of my hair and scalp. I was concerned about it weighing my hair down. After ysinh the SHielo Hair Oil, my hair is now very soft and shiney! This oil really does work for any hair if it works on mine.