Orly Glowstick Review – Neon Nail Polish at Its Best!

Orly Glowstick Review – Neon Nail Polish at Its Best!


Orly Glowstick Review

This nail polish is so fabulous I had to give a full Orly Glowstick review!!!  I didn’t jump full force on the neon nail polish train last year – it seemed like every major brand released a neon collection.  I passed on most because usually neon polishes are a huge disappointment.  They require a ba-zillion-ka-jillion coats to be opaque and normally need to be layered over a white polish.  I bought two neon polishes when Ulta had a BOGO sale so I got Orly Glowstick and Melt Your Popsicle! at the end of summer last year.  Honestly, these are extreme colors to wear any time of year, but definitely not in the fall or winter so they have been waiting patiently for me to give them a go.

Orly Glowstick Review

This polish is so appropriately named – if you think it looks bright in the photos, magnify that by at least two to imagine how it appears in person.  It is an electric, highlighter amazingly bright neon yellow.  In the photos (all of my left hand) I used 4 thin coats for full opacity although I could have probably stopped at three.  On my right hand I layered it over white and only two coats were required.  However, either way the color payoff is amazing!

Orly Glowstick Review
Indirect Sunlight

Oddly enough, this polish is so bright and the neon quality so strong that in darker light it actually seems to glow; check out the side by side comparison of Orly Glowstick in shade and direct sunlight below.  Funny story – I had just finished painting my nails when my brother called.  I said “My nails are SO bright they are glowing!” He said “Why? (sounding genuinely confused why anyone would do that) Are you trying to stop traffic?”  I laughed and said “No but I probably could!”  

Orly Glowstick Review
Left Shade – Right Sunlight

Honestly ‘Stop Traffic’ would be another great name as well!  LOL! If you like neon nail polish, you definitely NEED Orly Glowstick in your life.  Fabulous neons, especially in yellow, just don’t happen everyday!

  • LaToya Sheppard

    Love it!

  • KalleyDoron

    The shade suits You. However neon presents colors that not everyone would like to apply because of the bit bright out of the world shades.

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  • joy

    Ahh 3-4 coats. I just bought this polish and put two coats on and it was still thin and streaky but so glad I read this review, all I need to do is apply more coats. Thanks.