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Olivia Talks Hair with Ebony C. Princess!

One of the unexpected perks of attending the Think Like a Man Too screening courtesy of Motions Hair a few weeks ago was the opportunity to meet and interview R&B songstress and original Love & Hip Hop cast member Olivia!  Imagine my surprise as I listened to the  private chat with the men of the… [Continue Reading]

Olivia Longott with Ebony C Princess of Longing 4 Length

Black Girls Run! Preserve the Sexy Tour Presented by Dark and Lovely (recap)

I have been “gone” for a few weeks from blogging so I never had the chance to update you on my experience with Black Girls Run! Preserve the Sexy Tour presented by Dark and Lovely.  You may remember I attended their Philadelphia stop with Dark and Lovely.  I invited several of my little cousins to… [Continue Reading]

Black Girls Run! Preserve the Sexy Tour Presented By Dark and Lovely - Longing 4 Length

Senegalese Twists | My Summer Protective Style

For several weeks now, I planned to wear box braids as my summer protective style but at the last minute began to consider Senegalese twists instead.  I asked all L4L Facebook fans which style I should get and unanimously you all responded “TWISTS!” so that’s what I went with.  You’re so smart!!!  I absolutely love… [Continue Reading]

Senegalese Twists - Longing 4 Length

Straightening Systems for Black Hair

One of the newest phenomenons for Black hair, most often targeted for naturals, are the so-called “straightening systems” which are almost always keratin-based.  Keratin is a protein and when hydrolyzed (fragmented) easily deposits itself on to the hair shaft in the regions of porosity and damage.  Hydrolyzed keratin proteins are small enough to go beyond the cuticle… [Continue Reading]

Straightening Systems for Black Hair - Longing 4 Length

Inversion Method for Hair Growth – One Inch in One Week

No, that is not a typo in the title.  I’ve seen reports from ladies who claimed (many with photographic support) to have used the inversion method for hair growth to achieve as much as ONE INCH in one week.  Now you know, once I got beyond my initial thoughts of skepticism, I decided to investigate! … [Continue Reading]

Inversion Method for Hair Growth

Kreativ Blogger Award & Seven Things Tag!

Thank you Tommie of HairdelaCreme for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award!  Check her out ladies, she has an awesome hair blog!  Here are the rules:Link back to the person who passed you the awardComplete the form belowAward 10 Blogs & drop them a line about itShare 7 random things about yourselfName your favorite song:  Changes all the time, and I always have a gospel favorite and a "secular" favorite.  Gospel:  Broken But Healed by … [Read more...]

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Gearing Up for a Sew In Weave!

I've always gotten great growth and retention while wearing a sew in even before my HHJ.  I was already thinking of getting a sew in, even before my "thin ends" issue but now I definitely will be getting one this winter.  Most likely after the holidays...I still want to show off at the end of the year!  I can't help it!  Anyway, back when I did last year's sew-in the company Indique saw my video on YouTube and asked if they could feature it … [Read more...]

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Weekend Hair Ramble – Ceramides.& Protective Styling

Hello ladies and Happy Sunday!  Lemme just put it right out there.  I love hemp oil.  Like I LOVE it.  Um, lemme see how I can truly convey how I feel about it through the power of words.  Remember when you first learned to wrap your hair?  When you combed it down and had perfectly smooth hair with the perfect amount of "bend" at the ends? And you felt the skies had opened up, the sun was beaming directly on you and God had given you a … [Read more...]

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Me’Shell Nicole Jewelry: Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!I am super excited to introduce my friend and soror, Lamesha I.  Mesha and I met through my cousins at a BBQ and immediately hit it off.  She complimented the feather earrings I was wearing that day and my cousin exclaimed "You know she makes jewelry!!!!  Stuff like that, you'd like it!"  Lol.  And of course we talked hair (Mesha is natural) and she became a follower of L4L that day.  Mesha is a … [Read more...]

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Inspired Look: Lala High Pony (Protective Styling)

I first saw this look on FashionBombDaily.com and although Lala is in the background, I was drawn to her hairstyle! Many of the straight ponytail looks are too full, too shiny, or too long.  This one is PERFECT!  It is by Urban Beauty, I bought it at my local BSS for $9.99.  The picture online is kind of deceiving though, it makes it look wider and fuller than it is.  In reality it is a very natural thickness with some very subtle layering, … [Read more...]

Soul Seed Tees

Inspired Look: Rihanna Ponytail (Protective Styling)

Loving this look!  I recreated it with a phony pony - Freetress Drawstring Pony "Lucia Girl" in color 1B.Bangs were airdried then caruso rolled.  The rest of my hair was airdried with my leave-ins about 50-60% before smoothing it up into a ponytail using Bee Mine Curly Butter.  Ecostyler Olive Oil gel was applied to my perimeter and allowed the rest to dry with a scarf around my edges.  My length is two strand twisted with hemp coating my … [Read more...]

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Fashion: My first ever romper!

I've been wanting to jump on this romper bandwagon ALL year long!  I ordered a pink strapless shorts one from ASOS for only like $7.23, but I ordered it too big!  You may remember I was planning to wear it to my friend's bachelorette party, so since it didn't fit, I just returned rather than exchanged it.  Every other one I've tried on that was within my price range was too small on the thighs.  As you can see, I got that whole "thicka than a … [Read more...]

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More Gym Playlists: Gospel, 90s Hip Hop, and New Jack Swing!

Gospel Playlist (is almost exactly an hour so you can time your walks to this)Pre-Workout Stretch:  Job's Song (Blessed) - Hezekiah WalkerI Will Bless the Lord - Byron CageBack to Eden - Donald LawrenceI'm Walking In Authority - Donnie McClurkinSouled Out - Hezekiah WalkerGiants - Donald LawrenceBounce Back - Kevin DavidsonSearch me Lord - Ricky GNever Seen the Righteous - Donald LawrenceThe Blessing of Abraham - Donald LawrenceCelebrate - Ted … [Read more...]

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