Angela Simmons Shares Long Hair Secrets

Ever since the era of social media, celebrities have shared photos of their hair sans weaves first through Twitter and now via Instagram.  Angela Simmons’ hair share a few years ago quickly circulated the internet with women on blogs and hair boards alike in awe of how long and healthy her hair is.  Although there… [Continue Reading]

Angela Simmons Long Hair Secrets Angela Simmons Natural Hair Angela SImmons Real Hair Angela Simmons Natural Hair (2)

Wash Day | Flexirods on Dry Hair

Arguably my favorite two styles of all times are roller and rod sets.  While relaxing my hair, I had gotten to the point where I was able to set my hair in 45 minutes or less and with my amazing dryer, would also dry in about the same amount of time.  I prefer not using… [Continue Reading]

Flexirods on 4C Natural Hair

All About Crochet Braids!

Crochet braids have had a HUGE resurgence in popularity over the past few months.  You may remember this look from the 90s, but a few updates to technique and hair used has given the style completely new life!  As a refresher from my original post on crochet braids, the style is created by braiding your hair… [Continue Reading]

how to do crochet braids longing 4 length

7 Scarf Hairstyles for Bad Hair Days

Despite the fact that I’ve been hiding my hair away through protective styles through most of my transition, I still have bad hair days.  Days where my edges and closure isn’t quite blended right, or when I don’t want to use heat to straighten them or when the waves and curls of my virgin hair… [Continue Reading]

Scarf Hairstyles

Atlanta Exes Star Torrei Hart Talks Hair, Locs & Family

Vh1′s new reality show, Atlanta Exes, is a spin-off of the Hollywood version and also features a group of women who were once married or engaged to famous entertainers.  Torrei Hart is one of the stars of the show and was once married to comedian superstar, Kevin Hart.  If you are a fan of Kevin’s comedy,… [Continue Reading]


2012 Hair Resolutions

I have my goals for the year all laid out (check out this post to see what they are) and have applied some of the lessons I've learned in 2011, but there are still some things that are a challenge for me so I've made three 2012 resolutions:Protective style more.  My ends are still thin and fragile, and although I'm loving my hair right now protective styling helps me retain the most length so that frequent trimming will not cause me to lose any … [Read more...]

How I Detangle & Prepoo (video)

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Wash Day – 1st Ponytail Rollerset

This is my first time trying the ponytail rollerset and I did attempt to record the process.  Let me tell you though - everything that could go wrong did!  Battery died, memory card full, camera just stopped recording...this week was rough on me.  I was inspired by Tola, of My Long Hair Hair Journey and I had a request to show this method after I posted it in the Rollersetting Tips.  Before getting started I applied Hemp Oil to my scalp and … [Read more...]

Hair During Christmas Break

I know I have a lot of college students and women in graduate programs who follow L4L - shout out to all the educated Black women in the building! - and so I thought this may be a helpful post for you.  When going home for Christmas break, if you are anything like me then you never know what you may end up doing.  And as I've already told you Christmas is a big "hair reveal" time for me and it probably is for many of you as well.  So what to … [Read more...]

2012 Hair Regimen: Kerapro, Ceramides & Bee Mine

I know some of you saw it coming, right?  I've followed the same basic regimen for my entire HHJ and been using the same staple products for at least a year or more now, and there was nothing wrong with my previous routine.  But either my hair needs have changed or I found something that my hair likes even better because my hair is just thriving right now.  So, my new hair regimen (at least until further notice) is as follows:Detangle and … [Read more...]

Another bonus to flexirod and other curly sets…

My full length is hidden from me!  I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd become slightly length obsessed and in 2012 I really want to limit checking my length and just enjoy having healthy hair that does have a lil bit of hang time with it! lol.  Well, ever since I've been doing flexirod sets - my hair hangs around shoulder length which suits me just fine.  I'm so happy my curly styles now fall to or just past my shoulders...a year ago a … [Read more...]

Rollerset Challenge Updates & Prizes

For those who are not aware, I am hosting a 6 Month Rollersetting Challenge that will run from January 1 - June 21, which is the first day of summer.  Please check out the original post for more details and to let me know if you would like to sign up by 12/31.  We would love to have you along!I mentioned in the original post that there will be prizes awarded.  I wanted to let you know early how you can win and the prizes.  As stated in the … [Read more...]

New Hair Company Sells Pre-made ‘U’ Part Wigs!

Tonsure HairI'm super excited about this upcoming review.  As you know, I recently created a Facebook page and twitter for L4L (info on the left sidebar).  I follow mostly hair enthusiasts like myself and a couple hair companies.  I found Indore by looking thru Traycee's (from KISS) twitter followers.  I was intrigued by their description which reads:Tonsure Hair is the first exclusive, online members-only discount hair extension boutique … [Read more...]