Angela Simmons Shares Long Hair Secrets

Ever since the era of social media, celebrities have shared photos of their hair sans weaves first through Twitter and now via Instagram.  Angela Simmons’ hair share a few years ago quickly circulated the internet with women on blogs and hair boards alike in awe of how long and healthy her hair is.  Although there… [Continue Reading]

Angela Simmons Long Hair Secrets Angela Simmons Natural Hair Angela SImmons Real Hair Angela Simmons Natural Hair (2)

Wash Day | Flexirods on Dry Hair

Arguably my favorite two styles of all times are roller and rod sets.  While relaxing my hair, I had gotten to the point where I was able to set my hair in 45 minutes or less and with my amazing dryer, would also dry in about the same amount of time.  I prefer not using… [Continue Reading]

Flexirods on 4C Natural Hair

All About Crochet Braids!

Crochet braids have had a HUGE resurgence in popularity over the past few months.  You may remember this look from the 90s, but a few updates to technique and hair used has given the style completely new life!  As a refresher from my original post on crochet braids, the style is created by braiding your hair… [Continue Reading]

how to do crochet braids longing 4 length

7 Scarf Hairstyles for Bad Hair Days

Despite the fact that I’ve been hiding my hair away through protective styles through most of my transition, I still have bad hair days.  Days where my edges and closure isn’t quite blended right, or when I don’t want to use heat to straighten them or when the waves and curls of my virgin hair… [Continue Reading]

Scarf Hairstyles

Atlanta Exes Star Torrei Hart Talks Hair, Locs & Family

Vh1′s new reality show, Atlanta Exes, is a spin-off of the Hollywood version and also features a group of women who were once married or engaged to famous entertainers.  Torrei Hart is one of the stars of the show and was once married to comedian superstar, Kevin Hart.  If you are a fan of Kevin’s comedy,… [Continue Reading]


Chic Protective Style Updo Tutorial

transitioning hair, transitioning hair style, transitioning hairstyle, transitioning hair updo

I've been so lax in doing my hair while transitioning! It's just so much easier to leave it alone under wigs and weaves.  I'm not lacking in creativity or inspiration....just time and motivation to tackle the task! But this week, I shook off the funk of laziness and created a pretty bomb updo (if I do say so myself!) that is perfect not only for transitioners, but ladies with any hair type or texture!  I was inspired by the beautiful Janelle … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday | Ways to Add Extra Veggies to Your Diet

5 Easy Ways to Add Extra Veggies to Your Diet - Longing 4 Length (1)

Did you guys know the food pyramid we all grew up learning is know defunct?  Makes you feel old huh?  Well it was replaced with My Plate in 2011 which basically says half your plate should be vegetables and fruit, a quarter protein and a quarter healthy whole grains.  The one thing that remains the same is we should aim to consume 5-7 servings of vegetables per day, which is easier said than done.  So, with eating approximately three meals … [Read more...]

Hair Tip Tuesday | The 10 Transitioning Hair Commandments

Transitioning Hair Commandments Instagram

A bit of a humorous post, but with a lot of truth behind it!  If you have decided to grow out your relaxer (or routinely stretch for long periods of time) these 10 transitioning hair commandments will help guide you and keep your sanity through the process. Also, check out the newly released Science of Transitioning by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy for some amazing tips for transitioners and new naturals.  I haven't read it yet - but the … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday | Favorite Healthy Food Blogs

My Favorite Healthy Food Blogs, Best Healthy Food Blogs, Healthy Eating blogs, Clean Eating Blogs - Longing 4 Length

Who needs to buy new cookbooks when you have the internet?  I used to be a cookbook, magazine buying junkie for new healthy meal inspiration - but now there are a plethora of healthy foodie bloggers sharing their recipes, techniques and tips.  Check out my five favorite healthy food blogs and I guarantee, you won't have to wonder what to make for dinner ever again! Clean and Delicious with Dani Spies:  I love this lady (she is after … [Read more...]

Wash Day | Jumbo Perm Rods (On Weave)

Jumbo Perm Rod Set

Finally, I'm back with a wash day post!  The last time my hair was washed, it was at the salon for my current sew-in weave so there was really nothing to report.  I washed my hair last week (click here for 'How to Wash & Condition Your Weave') using Good Hair in a Bottle products. Since I began working with this company, I've found my hair really does respond well to them (particularly the conditioner) so they have become my go-to … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday | Personal Jillian Michaels Challenge

Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred Challenges - Longing 4 Length

My countdown for Destination Jamaica is officially on!  I've known about this trip for months and of course the first thing that popped into my head was "I wanna feel and look good on that beach!"  After all, isn't every woman's first thoughts when planning a vacation 1) what they are going to wear and 2) what they are going to do with their hair?  So, I immediately told myself I had to get back into shape.  However, work demands and let's be … [Read more...]

Revive Your Hair | Understanding Ingredients

hair protein, hair protein treatments, hair protein list, hair proteins, hair protein ingredients, list of hair proteins in hair products, hair tip tuesday, protein treatments, moisture hair treatments, deep conditioners

It's been a few weeks since my last post in the Revive Your Hair series - but to refresh everyone's memory, I've decided to revisit healthy hair practices and techniques that will help our hair thrive.  The older the "healthy hair game" gets along with advancing social media (i.e. Instagram), the less interest people have in truly learning how to take care of their hair.  It's all about the latest trendy style, quick product reviews on hold, … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday | Eggplant Parmesan with Zoodles

eggplant parmesan recipe, vegetarian recipe, vegetarian meal, vegetarian meal ideas

Remember last year when I followed a vegan diet for a month?  I had no intentions of trying to become vegan, or even vegetarian full time, but certain habits were life changing for me.  One of the biggest changes was my shift in thinking - beforehand whenever I would plan meals, I always started with the meat first then tried to think about what "sides" would go with it.  Now, I place just as much - if not more - emphasis on the vegetable … [Read more...]