Olivia Talks Hair with Ebony C. Princess!

One of the unexpected perks of attending the Think Like a Man Too screening courtesy of Motions Hair a few weeks ago was the opportunity to meet and interview R&B songstress and original Love & Hip Hop cast member Olivia!  Imagine my surprise as I listened to the  private chat with the men of the… [Continue Reading]

Olivia Longott with Ebony C Princess of Longing 4 Length

Black Girls Run! Preserve the Sexy Tour Presented by Dark and Lovely (recap)

I have been “gone” for a few weeks from blogging so I never had the chance to update you on my experience with Black Girls Run! Preserve the Sexy Tour presented by Dark and Lovely.  You may remember I attended their Philadelphia stop with Dark and Lovely.  I invited several of my little cousins to… [Continue Reading]

Black Girls Run! Preserve the Sexy Tour Presented By Dark and Lovely - Longing 4 Length

Senegalese Twists | My Summer Protective Style

For several weeks now, I planned to wear box braids as my summer protective style but at the last minute began to consider Senegalese twists instead.  I asked all L4L Facebook fans which style I should get and unanimously you all responded “TWISTS!” so that’s what I went with.  You’re so smart!!!  I absolutely love… [Continue Reading]

Senegalese Twists - Longing 4 Length

Straightening Systems for Black Hair

One of the newest phenomenons for Black hair, most often targeted for naturals, are the so-called “straightening systems” which are almost always keratin-based.  Keratin is a protein and when hydrolyzed (fragmented) easily deposits itself on to the hair shaft in the regions of porosity and damage.  Hydrolyzed keratin proteins are small enough to go beyond the cuticle… [Continue Reading]

Straightening Systems for Black Hair - Longing 4 Length

Inversion Method for Hair Growth – One Inch in One Week

No, that is not a typo in the title.  I’ve seen reports from ladies who claimed (many with photographic support) to have used the inversion method for hair growth to achieve as much as ONE INCH in one week.  Now you know, once I got beyond my initial thoughts of skepticism, I decided to investigate! … [Continue Reading]

Inversion Method for Hair Growth

HOTD: Traycee’s Signature Bun

Obviously from the title, this bun was inspired by Traycee - creator of the KISS social network (my favorite hair forum).  She posted her signature bun tutorial a few years ago and although her hair was (and still is) much longer than mine and she did it on airdried hair which gives a much fuller look than mine on rollerset hair, I still decided to give it a go.  After my weekend of crazy fun, my rollerset was too through.  So bunning is the … [Read more...]

Wash Day: Absolute Rollerset Success!

Last week I had plans to go out of town.  I washed and set my hair around 2 am!  I was so exhausted the evening before and seriously, just ran out of time - the weekend just snuck up on me!  And it wasn't like I was being vain, my hair was oily from my growth serum use, sulfur-smelling, and bunned so I had to wash it before my trip.  So, yes in the middle of the night, I jumped in the shower and got busy with my normal routine.  After … [Read more...]

Reader Q: How I Deep Condition

This post answers two questions regarding how I deep condition (paraphrased because I can't find the original messages...sorry!) When you deep condition with the Kerapro, do you use heat or no heat? And for how long do you deep condition? Several ladies apply their deep conditioner the same way you would a relaxer, do you do this?  My hair is about the same length as yours and I wanted to know if you think it is really … [Read more...]

HOTD: Japanese Hair Stick Bun

My brother bought this hair stick for me when he was in Japan for work several years ago.  Now, he was all the way in Japan and of all things, a hair accessory is what he thought I'd like best?  Well...yeah, he was so right!!! lol! I love the look of this hair stick, the painted design reminds me of the flower nail art some nail techs do, right?  I haven't worn it very much but really love it and have decided to get more use out of it. … [Read more...]

Big Bun for ANY Length Hair

I had a request on my most recent YouTube video (see the blog post here) to show how I created the bun I was wearing.  Well, I realize everybody has hair of different lengths and although that bun was au naturale, you can create a big bun in minutes regardless of your length with a pack of $1 synthetic hair. I really like this bun, my hair is well protected and it looks cute.  I am going to pick up another pack of hair that is a bit less … [Read more...]

Nail Collage!

Having healthy nails is a huge part of having healthy hair.  You don't have to have polished, shiny nails but please keep them trimmed and filed!!! Don't underestimate the damage rough and nicked nails can do on your hair.  Here are a few of my recent manicures:Light Green - Essie Navigate HerGreen - Zoya GemmaNeon Orange - Zoya PazCoral Orange - Revlon PeachyHot Pink - Essie Super Bossa NovaPurple - CND Gel Soak off polish (no name)Shimmer … [Read more...]

HOTD: Messy High Bun & Upcoming Weekend Plans

My rollerset curls didn't last with all the exercise I've been doing lately, so I just bunned my hair for most of the week.  I love the full, messy look of this bun, makes my hair look deceptively long right?! I actually got a bunch of compliments at church today.I plan on doing another rollerset on Thursday because I have to go out of town yet again.  I am co-hosting one of my closest friend's (Christina) lingerie shower and bachelorette … [Read more...]

Healthy Nails: How to Do an Oil Manicure

I've shared with you before that I am a nailista and like my hair, I truly enjoy enjoy doing my own nails, although I do occasionally treat myself to a professional service. Whenever I consciously improve my eating habits one of the first things that flourishes is my nails.  I prefer my nails short to medium in length because they are easier to maintain and keep even, which for me is the most important aspect of a really nice looking manicure. … [Read more...]