Olivia Talks Hair with Ebony C. Princess!

One of the unexpected perks of attending the Think Like a Man Too screening courtesy of Motions Hair a few weeks ago was the opportunity to meet and interview R&B songstress and original Love & Hip Hop cast member Olivia!  Imagine my surprise as I listened to the  private chat with the men of the… [Continue Reading]

Olivia Longott with Ebony C Princess of Longing 4 Length

Black Girls Run! Preserve the Sexy Tour Presented by Dark and Lovely (recap)

I have been “gone” for a few weeks from blogging so I never had the chance to update you on my experience with Black Girls Run! Preserve the Sexy Tour presented by Dark and Lovely.  You may remember I attended their Philadelphia stop with Dark and Lovely.  I invited several of my little cousins to… [Continue Reading]

Black Girls Run! Preserve the Sexy Tour Presented By Dark and Lovely - Longing 4 Length

Senegalese Twists | My Summer Protective Style

For several weeks now, I planned to wear box braids as my summer protective style but at the last minute began to consider Senegalese twists instead.  I asked all L4L Facebook fans which style I should get and unanimously you all responded “TWISTS!” so that’s what I went with.  You’re so smart!!!  I absolutely love… [Continue Reading]

Senegalese Twists - Longing 4 Length

Straightening Systems for Black Hair

One of the newest phenomenons for Black hair, most often targeted for naturals, are the so-called “straightening systems” which are almost always keratin-based.  Keratin is a protein and when hydrolyzed (fragmented) easily deposits itself on to the hair shaft in the regions of porosity and damage.  Hydrolyzed keratin proteins are small enough to go beyond the cuticle… [Continue Reading]

Straightening Systems for Black Hair - Longing 4 Length

Inversion Method for Hair Growth – One Inch in One Week

No, that is not a typo in the title.  I’ve seen reports from ladies who claimed (many with photographic support) to have used the inversion method for hair growth to achieve as much as ONE INCH in one week.  Now you know, once I got beyond my initial thoughts of skepticism, I decided to investigate! … [Continue Reading]

Inversion Method for Hair Growth

Hair Reflection

While I feel like I'm constantly reeling about my setbacks, cut, not reaching BSL...blah blah blah...I had an awesome hair epiphany while admiring my awesome flexirod set.  I realized that my hair is as full and long as my favorite half-wig (Model Model Cocktail Bay "Breeze").My real hair is the center photo, the left and right are my half wig.  Now that's encouraging...this is why I always say taking pictures are so important on your HHJ!I'm … [Read more...]

March Goals Recap

I had stopped doing monthly goals because the months just seem to fly by too quickly!  Seems like I would just post the previous month and then boom its time to post another!  But, sometimes they really help and this month I was super on point!  Let's see how I did:Use up 2 products.  Absolute success!!!  I surpassed the original goal and finished five products - Giovanni Vitapro Fusion Leave-In, Kerapro shampoo, PM Super Skinny Serum, Vo5 … [Read more...]

Wash Day: Super Flexirod Set

I've wanted to do this type of flexirod set (small sections, small rods) for a while but just kept avoiding it.  But with this month's mini-challenge being the best spiral set I decided to bite the bullet and take the time to do it.  I envisioned my results to look like a full head of natural curls ala Jada Pinkett Smith.  As I've said before I think to get the most "natural" look, you should mix different size rods throughout your set. … [Read more...]

Official Rollersetting Challenge Check-in #2

We are halfway through our 6 Month Rollersetting Challenge!  Can you believe it?!  How's it going? Most of you are sticking to at least one set per month and many of you are doing more, which is pretty awesome!  I have several updates as far as my own personal journey since my last check-in so here we go: The Diane plastic mesh rollers have changed my life.  In addition to drastically reducing my drying time, using the plastic picks … [Read more...]

Detangling Method: 3Comb Smooth & Hercules Sagemann Combs Review

This post is long overdue - but let me just begin by saying I absolutely LOVE my Hercules Sagemann combs!   I've mentioned the 3Comb detangling method sporadically in random wash day posts or hair rambles but this post gives all the details and includes the combs I use.  Pardon the length of the post, you know I like my reviews to be thorough and will probably refer back to it often in future posts...so settle in and bear with me. When I saw … [Read more...]

HOTD: Traycee’s Signature Bun

Obviously from the title, this bun was inspired by Traycee - creator of the KISS social network (my favorite hair forum).  She posted her signature bun tutorial a few years ago and although her hair was (and still is) much longer than mine and she did it on airdried hair which gives a much fuller look than mine on rollerset hair, I still decided to give it a go.  After my weekend of crazy fun, my rollerset was too through.  So bunning is the … [Read more...]

Wash Day: Absolute Rollerset Success!

Last week I had plans to go out of town.  I washed and set my hair around 2 am!  I was so exhausted the evening before and seriously, just ran out of time - the weekend just snuck up on me!  And it wasn't like I was being vain, my hair was oily from my growth serum use, sulfur-smelling, and bunned so I had to wash it before my trip.  So, yes in the middle of the night, I jumped in the shower and got busy with my normal routine.  After … [Read more...]

Reader Q: How I Deep Condition

This post answers two questions regarding how I deep condition (paraphrased because I can't find the original messages...sorry!) When you deep condition with the Kerapro, do you use heat or no heat? And for how long do you deep condition? Several ladies apply their deep conditioner the same way you would a relaxer, do you do this?  My hair is about the same length as yours and I wanted to know if you think it is really … [Read more...]