Perfect Locks Hair Review | The Best Virgin Hair Ever!

Perfect Locks Hair Review | The Best Virgin Hair Ever!


If you’re following me on Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) then you witnessed how much I enjoyed wearing my Perfect Locks hair.  As the photos indicate, I was in love with this virgin Indian curly hair and can honestly say, this is the best virgin hair I have ever worn.  Ever.  I will try to make this post as brief as possible while including all of the information needed for a thorough review.

Perfect Locks Virgin Indian Hair

As you know, I try to review hair of varying price points because people have different interests when purchasing hair extensions; I’ve done beauty supply store, Chinese vendors and higher priced hair.  My personal preference is to invest in great quality hair that performs exactly as natural human hair which can be reused for years.  I only spend a lot with reputable companies though, who I know sell REAL virgin hair…not the newer companies started by individuals who find a Chinese supplier claiming to have “virgin” Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Burmese, etc.  I will wear that too, but not spend more than I would in my local beauty supply store.  I do not mind spending more at once if it will save me money from having to repurchase hair with each new installation and avoids the aggravation of tangling, matting and shedding.  If that is what you are looking for, then Perfect Locks offers amazing hair at great prices (compared to competitors offering great quality hair).

Braidout Texture
Braidout Texture

Perfect Locks is based out of northern California in Concord and have a showroom where local customers may drop in for consultations and purchases.  They offer virgin Indian hair in straight, wavy and curly textures as well as steam processed Indian hair in varying textures for those looking for a more consistent curl pattern.  Both the virgin and steam processed hair are 100% human hair, non-chemically processed, are unidirectionally aligned and have the cuticles intact.  This means that it may be colored, straightened and is relatively tangle free.  I was sent three bundles of their virgin Indian curly hair to review (two 18″ and one 16″).

Perfect Locks Hair Virgin Indian Curly 3

Perfect Locks virgin Indian curly hair is a beautiful deep wavy texture with consistent, natural looking curls from root to tip.  The hair has a natural taper to the ends, eliminating the need to have it cut and definitely doesn’t have the fake “bulky” look to it.  What separates this hair from my previous Indique virgin Indian hair is that it blends exceptionally well with my natural hair, both in its curly and straightened state.  As you may remember me mentioning before, Indique’s hair was beautiful as well and wonderfully wefted but the hair was too fine to match my hair, did not hold a curl well and had a lot of fly-aways.  You can clearly see my “leave out” lying atop the Indique hair extensions in the comparison below, while my hair is virtually undetectable from the Perfect Locks hair extensions.

Perfect Locks versus Indique Virgin Indian Hair
Perfect Locks versus Indique Virgin Indian Hair

I’ve worn the hair in its naturally curly state, braid out, straightened, curled with a curling wand and flexi-rodded and it always reverts back to its original texture.  I’ve already shared the products I use to style – Garnier Fructis when wearing curly and Motions Straight Finish when straightened.

Perfect Locks Hair Virgin Indian Curly Straightened


The only con I can say is that the hair shed…quite a bit actually.  I did NOT seal the hair before installing, mainly because I wanted to “test” it in its rawest form for you.  When I spoke with the owners about the shedding – I gave them my honest feedback about the hair also – they stated that they had revamped their wefting process to eliminate that problem as well as initiated a pre-treatment so the hair would be more manageable, although I didn’t have an issue with its manageability.  I simply braided at night with a small amount of product and in the morning the hair turned out great.

Perfect Locks Hair Virgin Indian Curly 4

I am an affiliate with Perfect Locks, so I will receive credit should you decide to order via one of my links or ad displays.  However, my opinions – as always – are one hundred percent honest.  All the photos and videos I’ve shared about this Perfect Locks hair are a testament to the beauty and quality of this hair, you can view previous posts here.

It colored beautifully and this was my first time personally coloring my own virgin hair extensions, YAY!  (details here)

Perfect Locks Virgin Indian Hair Colored


The ultimate question for any of my reviews is always ‘Would I spend my own money and/or re-purchase the product(s)?’  The answer in this case is ABSOLUTELY!  I have never had hair that blends so well with my natural hair and is this versatile and I have purchased from some of the oldest and most renowned hair companies in the past:  Extensions Plus, Indique, His & Hers, Adorable Hair, just to name a few. And while their hair definitely is not cheap, Perfect Locks’ hair costs less than the virgin hair from the aforementioned companies.  I am very anxious to try a different texture from Perfect Locks to compare.

Perfect Locks Hair Virgin Indian Curly5

Details of My Installation:

Perfect Locks Virgin Indian Curly Hair: 1.5 bundles of 18″ & half bundle of 16″

Partial Sew In: machine-wefted tracks were folded, not cut.

Worn for 6 weeks at time of review

Price:  Starting at $149

  • Simply Into My HAIR

    I love this hair on you!!!

    Every style you have posted looks fab and blends so well. Great quality hair makes such a massive difference to your install. When you take this install down you going to be putting this hair back in straight away?

    • Thanks!!! Girl…I’m so ashamed at how behind I am in posting this review but I actually took the hair down a month ago. My plan for fall is to use full lace wigs as my go to protective style.

  • Li

    Wow! One could really tell that you love the hair! You could do ads for the hair with that much passion and love! The wig looks good on you!

    • LOL, seriously! I love when I love and can put my full support behind a company that asks me to review their product.

  • Mandy

    Hi ebony. Can you do a post on the different grades of hair e.g. 5A … 6A and what grade of hair is your perfect locks?

  • This hair is gorgeous! It looks so good on you!

  • It really does look natural, I’d try it!
    Abbi of

  • BettyHill

    You looks like beyoncy :)The hair is from royalmewigs??