Wig Details: Perfect Locks Virgin Indian Curly Hair

Wig Details: Perfect Locks Virgin Indian Curly Hair

Virgin Indian Curly Hair

Virgin Indian Curly Hair I am so excited to share the details of the virgin Indian curly hair I am wearing from Perfect Locks!  This hair was sent to me for a review, but believe it or not, I had already decided to purchase hair from this company prior to them contacting me.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to review their product; It may not be a big deal to anyone else but I never want to develop a sense of entitlement or become desensitized to the honor being asked to review quality products by companies.  So thank you Perfect Locks!

Let me tell you why I wanted to purchase hair from Perfect Locks in the first place.  I have bought hair just as often as been sent and tend to buy higher end hair extensions.  In fact, I often turn down offers from companies who sell what I believe to be overpriced hair or falsely advertised extensions; Processed hair being labeled as virgin, bundles from vendors we all have direct access to being marked up 100+ percent, and having inconsistent quality.  After doing a bit of research, I was convinced Perfect Locks offers quality hair of a superior quality than many of the newer companies coming on the scene and is a worthwhile investment that I expect to be wearing for years to come.

That being said, Perfect Locks did not disappoint.  I selected their Virgin Indian Curly Hair machine wefted extensions and received three bundles:  two 18” and one 16”.  I would describe the texture as wavy curly (versus a spiral curl).  I provide additional details in the video below, which I think should be very helpful to anyone interested in purchasing from Perfect Locks:

Virgin Indian Curly Hair

It’s awesome right?!  Now for a disclaimer about virgin Indian curly hair, actually all virgin hair – expect some maintenance.  So many ladies think that because virgin hair is so expensive and high quality it means no maintenance.  Not true!  Because virgin hair is from a human donor and has not had any processing…it usually requires the same amount of effort your virgin hair requires.  Regular washing and conditioning, detangling and for curlier textures sometimes curl enhancing/frizz control products.  I love the longevity and natural appearance of virgin hair, but I have nothing against processed hair (which Perfect Locks also offers).

Because my wig is so glamorous  I do not intend to wear it everyday so I haven’t developed a regimen or determined which products work best on this hair, but I will surely be keeping you posted.  I know hair reviews are most helpful when the user wears the hair continually; but for another great review check out my blogger buddy Jen of Comme Coco’s review on her hair from Perfect Locks.  Hopefully you found this helpful, let me know if you have any questions at all!

  • Anonymous

    How are you promoting hair growth by wearing wigs? Does not make any sense.

    • Protective styling is an excellent way to promote hair growth. What’s unclear?

    • It’s called protective styling. The less manipulation and tugging on your own hair resolves for hair growth. I was wondering the same thing at one point. But it makes sense now since I have been using extensions as well.

      • Thank you! I think wigs/weaves help me retain the most length above any other style.

    • Wig or not, this looks wonderful. wearing weaves is one way to save your
      damaged hair! I’m glad you asked tho…cause I have a question as
      well.. Why be anonymous and say silly things? Side eye at your
      unnecessary shade! Good Night

      • Lucy

        maybe she is new to HHJ and doesn’t know what protective styling is

        pls give ppl the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming ppl leave comments to be mean

        i personally think it’s a valid questions coming from someone who nothing about HHJ

        it may sound silly to you and that would be because you are familiar with the regimen

        Love &Peace out

        • Perhaps she is new and perhaps it is an incorrect assumption, but the tone of her message read as sarcastic to me as well. However, I did respond because you are right others may have the same question – but it could have been posed a bit nicer. Hopefully my links provided in the reply above helps you, if you do have any questions, feel free to ask!

      • #BOOM! Thanks Tori!!!

    • I have a video…literally titled “Wigs for Hair Growth” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7RpshleKVA

      L4L is a site for hair care info for EVERY one, no matter how you choose to wear your hair, which fits my philosophy. There are many reasons that women choose to wear wigs – for both medical and personal reasons, so please don’t be so judgmental.

      Also, many ladies have proved that wigs (i.e. protective styling) have helped them to grow their hair. Check out this great YouTuber who grew 18 inches in 18 months by wearing wigs exclusively: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSFUNPxvyz8

      Thanks for commenting.

    • wigs are a protective style… with the wig over your hair, your hair is not out in the elements. You can be moisturizing (the baggy method) under the wig and you can use heat as much as you can without damage to your own hair…..

  • Love the Dianna Ross look!

  • Thank you for including me! I am still LOVING this hair OH SO MUCH. But the company also… they are so amazing!

  • OMG Ebony, this is so so pretty! It looks so natural and thick.