Personal Fall Growth Challenge

Personal Fall Growth Challenge


After my last trim, I realized that I am essentially keeping myself at the same length.  At first this was completely intentional as I worked to trim away my thin ends but now I’m ready to forge forward to achieving BSL hair thick healthy hair!  For some reason, this has been extremely challenging for me.  I’m not frustrated about it because although I’ve stalled between APL and BSL, my hair is in great shape.  So having healthy hair does ease any disappointments about not achieving a certain length, I am here to tell you.  It’s true health over length and all BUT we all know that we can have both!

One of the things I think has stalled my retention is too much styling.  Not necessarily manipulation but actual styling.  In my estimation….I do more to my hair than most long haired relaxed healthy hair journeyers.  Before 2013, I never protective styled long term and getting into a bunning rut was unheard of!  However, I’ve seen more retention with protective styling this year even with my big two inch trims than I do when wearing my hair out and down.  Yes, I miss my flexirod sets, rollersets, braid, twist and bantu knot outs but I want to reach my length goal a bit more at the moment.

Shocking, yes?  I never thought I’d see the day those words would come out of my mouth…well my finger taps over the keyboard anyway.  So, I am embarking on a personal fall growth challenge.  It’s kind’ve last minute so I’m not organized enough to officially host anything but you, of course, are more than welcomed to join me.  From October 1 to January 1 (three months) I intend to hide my hair using lace wigs as my protective style and apply my Liquid Gold Hair Growth oil.  I also ordered their Green Magic Hair Growth Cream, which I’ve heard good things about also.  I mentioned my plans to hide my hair so this should not come as a shock to anyone but the fact that I plan to use the growth aid is a new addition.  Also, one of the most asked questions regarding my review of the Liquid Gold Hair Growth oil is how it performed over a longer period and whether or not I was still using it.  I did NOT use it at all with my sew ins, but with a wig I’ll be able to clean and condition my hair much better so expect a thoroughly documented post at the end of my challenge.

I hope to celebrate New Years Eve with a slim body and gorgeous BSL hair.  Wish me luck and let me know if you’ll be joining me!

  • Sheriece

    Ebony, I just started my journey and still have about an inch and a half of unhealthy ends at the back/middle portion of my head. My stylist is trimming them (an inch every 12 weeks) and doesn’t want to cut them all off because she would essentially have to cut my hair into a bob. I feel like I grow an inch, I cut an inch and I am keeping my hair at the same length. I understand health over length but these ends are discouraging me!

    • I know right?! I’m like sheeeez what gives?! I only have a few more inches til I reach my goal so I’m gonna try all I can to get there.

  • I am in Ebony!! This just might help me stretch till December, for my next touch up I want to get a good cut, the center of my nape has been a problem area and I’m about ready to get a gorgeous hemline even if I have to stay at SL.

    • I’m thinking I’m going to stretch til Christmas as well. That will make me about 13 weeks post and I’ll be able to compare my growth and retention really well with a fresh relaxer.

  • Lesley

    Good luck Ebony! I think I’m going to be cutting more, but it would be interesting to add a growth aid into my regimen. I’ve tried supplements (irregularly) but never an oil so would be cool to see how you feel about the liquid gold hair growth oil x

    • Thanks Lesley! I’m definitely NOT going the supplement route because it always causes an eruptive breakout for me, but I do need to take a MV daily and I’m pretty bad about remembering…

  • jnicole078

    Good luck Ebony! U look great and always have a plan of action. I am so undecided with what I want my hair to be. I feel stuck with it so i wear it in buns and a pony tail. I may start investing in some hair to change things up. I am soooo thinking of cutting it off short, but then again I love my pony tail its simple and quick.

  • Breanna Ransburg

    I’ll be joining! But instead of lace wigs, I think I’m going to get senegalese twist until January. My hair grows so much in braids. I just have to remember to continue to moisureize daily and use the liquid gold weekly. Thanks for the challenge!

  • I’ll be joining! I was just saying I wanted to up my protective styling game for the rest of the year after I did my last length check. I just need to decide what I can do for long-term protection. Good luck to you!

  • I’m with you on this one. My next goal is MBL and I’m protective styling all the way there. I won’t make it to January since I have plans for December but growth and retention is the name of the game for me right now. I’m experimenting with the GHE and inversion methods.
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  • Yvonne Nkata

    Am in too, will be getting my box braids soon!!

  • J. Nicole

    I think I’ll join you on this challenge. I’m stuck between APL and BSL and would like to reach my goal by the end of the year. My plan is more protective styling during the winter months. I’m looking forward to your final review of Liquid Gold.