Pre-Weave Wash Day Routine

Pre-Weave Wash Day Routine


I’ve decided to continue stretching my relaxer through the use of a sew-in.  I have had great success with the health of my hair, retention, working out and losing weight with wigs and weaves, so why rock the boat?


To prepare my hair before installing a weave (or any other long term protective style) I usually follow the same routine – designed to both strengthen and adequately moisturize my hair before it is hidden away.  Because I am now 19 weeks post I had to take a few additional measures to decrease opportunity for tangling or breakage to occur.  First separated my hair into four quadrants then separated again in halves for a total of eight sections which were each braided.

(1) Next I warmed coconut oil and saturated each braid to pre-poo (coconut oil decreases hair damage when used as a pre-wash treatment)  (2) I prepared a mixture of Bee Mine Botanicals shampoo and water in an applicator bottle and after wetting my hair, squeezed it near the scalp of each section and ran the lather down the length of  each braid.  (3) Deep conditioned using ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstuctor; I always apply protein before my hair endures the stress and tension of any long term protective style.(4) After rinsing (with my hair still in eight braids) I sat under my Pebco hooded dryer for ~15 minutes (5) Lightly blow dried my roots to stretch new growth and make easier for parting and braiding.  (6) Applied Bee Mine Balanced Cream Moisturizer (in sections) and sealed with coconut oil. Soft and strong – just what the doctor ordered.

My hair is so thick at the roots – that new growth is NO joke!  I love my hair, but I’m relieved to put it away for a little while again.  So in short, my pre-weave prep is almost like any other wash day with a few adjustments: prepoo, shampoo, deep condition – always with a protein based conditioner, air-dry, blow out roots if necessary(naturals should always stretch their hair), moisturize and seal.  Pics and details of my install up next.