Fitness Friday | Preparing For Detox!

Fitness Friday | Preparing For Detox!


I am preparing for detoxification and I wanted to share my process in case anyone would like to join me!  Now, I’ll admit that I was seduced by one of those Jack LaLanne juicer infomercials….I can be kind of a sucker for those types of ads despite them being a waste of money half the time but I actually love my juicer!  Since most of the so called health benefits are unsupported by medical evidence I was skeptical and thought juicing was more of a fad than anything.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by not only the weight lost but also how much “cleaner” I felt after juicing for just a few days.  I actually felt the detoxification effects and benefits!  Cross my heart and pinky swear!  So, since I’ve been struggling to rededicate myself to my weight loss efforts I think this is the perfect time to detox.

Preparing for Detox -

Detox diets are extremely popular – juicing, Master Cleanse, green smoothies, infused water…the list goes on and on.  My point is there are many ways to detox, you have to find what works best for you for your lifestyle and goals.  My major goals are to jump start my weight loss, rededicate myself to clean eating, and do a moderate colon cleanse.  Juicing will help me to accomplish each of these.

To prepare for my detox juice diet, I mapped out a clear and specific plan.  I intend to juice throughout the day and eat a sensible clean dinner – my beloved salad in a jar for example – for three days.  I only plan to detox three days per week, not go on a strict liquid diet because I’m not using juicing as a quick weight loss fix.  This is the plan that works best for me, my aim is not to drop a ton of weight fast – instead I want to clean my body and completely switch gears on my eating habits.  Feeling clean inside definitely shows on the outside, in everything from my belly being flatter to my skin being clearer and even my hair looking healthier.  I want to incorporate juicing into my lifestyle for long periods of time, not just as a quick diet fix.

I originally stopped juicing because it can be expensive and time consuming.  The infomercial did lie about the clean up being fast and easy – keeping all the way real with you, its not.  But the benefits far outweigh the cost so I’m going back to it.  My brother and mother are doing it along with me, they volunteered after I spoke about how great it made me feel.  So, it helps to have “company” along with me!

I’ve learned through research and experience that juicing vegetables are healthier and help with weight loss and detox more than fruits, but of course fruits – with their natural sugars – taste better!  So I try to go 75% veggie and 25% fruit for a balance of health and taste.  Below are my favorite juicing combinations, they are my own variations of my favorite juices I’ve tried over time.  I don’t have precise amounts, I simply “eyeball” the amount I need and try to stick to my 4:3 ratio.

Preparing for Detox -

The most important thing when you are juicing is to prepare by purchasing all the fruits and veggies you need, have them washed, chopped and ready to go, and to utilize mason jars to help keep the juices as fresh as possible for a few hours (something I just learned).  I only make juice once per day and the vacuum sealed jars prevent the juice from oxidizing too quickly.  I alternate between 12 and 8 ounces between breakfast and dinner (12 for breakfast, 8 as a mid-morning snack, 12 for lunch, 8 as an afternoon snack) and drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Again, dinner is solid foods but a clean meal consisting of protein and veggies.  No dairy, carbs or processed foods.

I’ll be back for next week’s Fitness Friday to report my results.  If anyone plans to join me, please let me know!

I’m sure some of you are juicing experts so by all means share your experience and tips for preparing for detox!

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  • I haven’t tried a real juice fast yet, but I may try it the weekend before the cruise 🙂

  • I don’t own a juicer but I’ll support by eating clean at least 4 days a week, my eating habits the last few months has been absolutely horrible :/

  • I don’t have a juicer but I do have a magic bullet! I love doing green smoothies, they’re tasty and make me feel amazing! I would love to try juicing but for now my green smoothies are working, and give me some extra fiber! The only thing I don’t like about it is that the cup the magic bullet comes with is really small… I like loading it up with spinach and yummy fruits, but there’s never enough room!! I’m thinking about treating myself and ordering the larger set 😉

    • Lydz@Crowning Glory

      i was just gonna ask if one could detox using smoothies instead! Guess you pretty much answered my question:)

  • You’re inspiring me. Great tips girl! I need that vacuumed sealed jar!

  • I love juicing. I keep my juice in a mason jar up to 48 hrs or I freeze it immediately. I put a bag to catch the pulp and make clean up easier. I have a watermelon sitting on my counter now beside my juicer ready to go. I promise that I think it helped with my anemia, along with a multivitamin.
    Tiki | Grow It Girl

  • I can’t wait to hear about your results! I want to eventually purchase a juicer, but just haven’t decided to make the financial commitment yet!

  • I had juice only for three days and I saw a big difference on my skin. The carrots in the juice made my skin glow. I felt more energized and my hair felt healthier. You cannot go wrong with juicing. There is no such thing as too much healthy juice. Kisses!

  • S.O.S Hair

    I can’t wait to read about your results Ebony! I’m not a juicer…yet. LOL!