Prepping Weave for Installation: VIP Luxury Hair 1st Look

Prepping Weave for Installation: VIP Luxury Hair 1st Look

How cute is their packaging?!

This post will be especially helpful to those who are weave newbies, and even the vets may learn something!  When you purchase weave, I’m sure some of you have wondered what you need to do before installing it?  Wash it?  Condition it?  What does sealing the wefts mean?  What the heck are beards and what is the difference between single versus double wefted extensions?  A bit clueless and overwhelmed?  It’s okay, I’m here to help!  Along with giving a thorough introduction for my upcoming review on VIP Luxury Hair, I answer each of those questions in detail and take you step by step how you should prep your precious hair wefts before installing.

As I said, regardless as to whether I create a wig or do a regular sew-in, I prepare my hair the same way each time.

1) Beards & Single vs. Double Wefted Hair Extensions (1:21):  Quality hair extensions have the natural ends of the donor facing the same downward position on the wefts.  This gives the most natural look to the extensions as well as eliminates excessive tangling since the cuticles are all aligned in the same direction.  The other end of the hair is cut straight across and sewn together, leaving the blunt ends folded over near the top of the weft and the resulting fringe is called the beard.  In quality hair extensions, the beards are virtually undetectable but cheaper hair has a very noticeable beard which can be uncomfortable against your scalp and cause styling issues.  To get the best understanding of beards and the difference between single and double wefted extensions, please view the video.

2) Sealing the Wefts (2:50):  This process involves applying a thin layer of adhesive that dries to a non-tacky finish along the seam of the track to reinforce the hair weft which drastically reduces shedding.  Some ladies use such as Fray Check and Fray Block but they take hours to dry and make the track slightly rigid. I prefer specialty hair sealants, which preserve the flexibility of the track, dry quickly and are available in various colors, black and clear being the most popular.  I don’t recommend the one used in the video because after one use the liquid becomes extremely viscous and does not dry as clear.  Try Shed Stop Weft Sealer or Salon Pro Easy Track Weft Sealer (other suggestions below).

3) Co-Wash the Hair (5:02):  I used Hair Rules Cleansing Conditioning Cream, but any co-wash product or conditioner works.  Saturate the hair, apply plenty of product and run the product throughout and down the strands keeping the hair running in the same position.  Leave the product on the hair for a few minutes to condition the hair.  Rinse and hang to dry.

4) VIP Luxury Hair Details (7:04):  The hair shed very little (more in the second bundle) and airdried to a beautiful wavy texture without any product.  Each bundle was just over 4 ounces while the closure is 0.9 ounce.  The video shows a close up of the wet, damp and dry texture of the hair.

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Hopefully you found this helpful and as always…if you have questions, leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

How cute is their packaging?!
How cute is their packaging?!
  • Rue

    I have been looking for something like this, thanks for posting it.

    Did you have any tips for when the hair needs to be dyed darker to match? Or the best way to hang the hair to dry?

    And does it matter the hair dye used?

    I also don’t know if you have or know of a post with tips for prepping the hair for the weave, If you do could you or someone post the link?

    Thanks again for this post and video

  • Fashion Pad

    Great breakdown and that hair looks lovely!!!

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