Pretty in Pink Bows & Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Pretty in Pink Bows & Dots Nail Art Tutorial


longing 4 length nail art

I actually found time to not only do an intricate nail art design but also record it this week!  Go me!  It’s super cute, in my opinion, but rather simple to create.  First gather your supplies:  light pink, dark pink, white nail polishes, a two ended dotting tool, small nail art brush and black and white nail art polishes.

longing 4 length nail art

To begin, paint your middle finger white and the remaining fingers light pink.  Then simply follow the tutorial below:

What do you think?  This is one of my favorite nail art manicures, it actually got quite a bit of attention this weekend.  I hope you give it a try.  Tag me on Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) or tweet me (@ECPrincess1) if you do, I’d love to see your take!

longing 4 length nail art
Sorry for the oily cuticles, I had applied quick dry polish drops!
  • jeimy

    very cute and creative you did a great job!

  • Erratic Assassin

    You are so good at nail art. I finally did a successful gradient last night after at least 5 failed attempts in the past year. & that’s the easy stuff lol

    • YAY to you finally nailing it! I have a few of those, like one stroke flowers. It looks super easy but I just haven’t been able to master it.

  • Mandy

    Very pretty!