Products Used to Maintain Virgin Curly Hair

Products Used to Maintain Virgin Curly Hair


I know everyone is getting photo overload from me showing off my Perfect Locks virgin curly hair on Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) but I really cannot help myself!  As you may be able tell, I absolutely love the hair and find it to be worth the prices (although this hair was provided to me for my honest review).  Although as an experienced weave-nista, managing virgin curly hair is a cinch for me, it may not be for those who are interested in trying virgin hair for the first time.  So, there are a few things you should know!

REAL virgin curly hair is completely unprocessed.  It will not behave like the silky smooth  hair you can purchase from your local beauty supply store or the perfectly ‘s’ shaped hair offered by Chinese vendors.  The curl pattern will not be a perfectly consistent texture from root to tip; instead it will have slight variation which provides its realistic natural look.  You know from either having natural hair or knowing women with natural hair that virgin hair does not grow in perfectly identical curls.  Curly haired ladies cannot wet their hair and expect it to dry perfectly styled without using one or several products to maintain it, right?  So, please know that while I believe virgin curly hair to be the most versatile, longest lasting hair on the market – it does not mean that it is wash and wear or maintenance free.

The great thing about Indian hair is that it does not have a tight curl pattern and exhibits little shrinkage, so it is still a very manageable option.  However to maintain my virgin curly hair, I do use products daily and braid it nightly to avoid tangling and matting of the hair.  My products of choice are by Garnier Fructis: they are cheap, can be purchased just about anywhere and they WORK!  Check out my video as I explain my favorites from the line and how I use them.

These products work on both (steam) processed and virgin curly hair textures, and even wavy hair truthfully.  No need to spend a lot of money on “natural” curl products, grab some Garnier Fructis and have at it!  I hope you found this helpful, let me know if you have any questions!