Braid-Twist-Pin It Up! Protective Style

Braid-Twist-Pin It Up! Protective Style


In keeping with my goal to provide ideas for cute protective styles for the Protective Styling Challenge, this week’s tutorial was inspired by one of the L4L writers, Roni of The Savvy Housewife.  I was randomly checking our official hashtags (#L4LHair & #L4LPSC) on Instagram to make sure I’d seen all of your fabulous hair and came across this updo, which I immediately knew I would try my hand at recreating.  Later, she uploaded a tutorial which she named Quick Twisted Updo Protective Style which REALLY helped me to visualize exactly how the style was created.  Sometimes styles look much more intricate than they actually are and I am so glad she recorded how she styled hers!

protective style for relaxed hair

As my hair isn’t as long as Roni’s, nor is it natural I changed the way she twisted the front a bit to best suit MY hair and I absolutely LOVE the results.  I received compliments on this protective style all day long and judging from the response on Instagram, many of you liked it also!  Below is a detailed tutorial on how I re-created this look.

As you may have noticed, there are a few differences between Roni’s look and mine.  One, she twisted the back of her hair up where as I braided mine.   You can decide which one you would prefer OR you can simply smooth your hair straight up and pin it forward.  Roni created a ponytail and sort of a side ninja bun with her twists versus me twisting my hair loose and pin curling it to the side.

protective style


It just goes to show you to use your creativity and imagination during the challenge and not to be discouraged if your hair isn’t as long or thick as someone else’s.  Adapt their protective style to make it work for your hair!  I hope you enjoyed and there are many more cute and creative protective styles to come!!!

  • I love this updo! So pretty!

  • Gorgeous. U are right it does look more intricate then what u made it look in your video

    • Thanks! And I love how easy it is to do but everyone thinks you’re like a styling genius when wearing it, lol.

  • You know I love this style and I love how you put your own twist on it!