Quick Banana Clip Updo (Protective Style)

Banana Clip Updo

After wearing Friday’s Beyonce Inspired Updo, I removed the pins and did my normal moisturize and seal routine used when I wear protective hairstyles, covered with a scarf and went to bed.  The next morning my hair still had lots of curl left to it so I decided to preserve the look with a quick banana clip updo.  All you’ll need is one large banana clip and a few hair pins – easy as pie!

I have never been able to fit my hair into a banana clip but my friend Carmelita does it all the time and her hair is rather thick also, plus its natural.  I’ve always wondered why whenever I attempted it, my banana clips would simply break apart instead of bending around the bulk of my hair.  I figured out what it was…I was buying the “good” clips from retail stores by companies like Goody and Conair.  No, no, no my friends – my hair needed the ghetto beauty supply store, no name clips!  For some reason these are not only larger but the plastic is much more flexible which allowed me to FINALLY get this look down!  Just in case any of you ever have the same issue!

And because I was feeling silly…

Banana Clip Updo


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    • http://www.longing4length.com/ EbonyCPrincess

      LOL! I just needed a fake grill to add!

  • Fashion Pad

    Got.to try this when I want to preserve my curls!!! Thanks boo! Totally missed stalking your blog but you know I have nothing but love for my fellow blog sister ;-) Love the last pic, lol.

    • http://www.longing4length.com/ EbonyCPrincess

      You are welcome and I miss stalking you too!

  • Jenna Garrett

    Very nice! I have some banana clips I’ve been dying to use, will have to try this :o ) Thanks for the tutorial!