Reader Q: How does extra DC’ing remedy my “thin” ends?

Misha commented:  I see a difference, but if you’ve broken off the ends so they’ve thinned out, how does doing some extra deep conditioning make them thicker/better?
Misha asked the above on my last hair update ramble in which I showed you pictures of my hair’s progress since beginning project “End Repair.” Thanks for your comment and question Misha!!!  I decided to respond in a post rather than to your comment singularly because I’m sure others have similar thoughts and/or questions.  This is all my opinion and bits and pieces of it are supported by research.  First, I do not think deep conditioning alone makes my ends either thicker OR better.  Extra deep conditioning prevents the thinning and breakage from worsening.  By doing weekly protein treatments I strengthen my strands and by following it up with a moisturizing deep conditioner along with a mid-week DC I reduce the amount of friction generated between my hair strands because the hair is well moisturized and lubricated so breakage caused by abrasion is drastically reduced.
As for what IS helping to repair my ends so to speak, 
I believe it is a combination of all the other things I have incorporated into my regimen:
  1. Diet Changes:  I drink a protein shake or smoothie either daily or every other day.  I have began to drink at least 64 oz of water daily.  I still am not where I need to be as far as fruit and vegetable intake but that is the next component.
  2. Ceramide Usage:  The full post on ceramides is being compiled as we speak…it will be up by the weekend, but long story short…incorporating ceramides into your haircare regimen has been scientifically proven to help repair the hair shaft.
  3. Trim:  I know I should’ve trimmed more than I did a few weeks ago, but I didn’t.  Nevertheless, I do see an improvement in the condition of my ends pre & post trim.  Getting rid of the very tips of the scraggly ends not only makes my hair look better but it also cuts down on the number of tangles and fairy-knots I encounter (yes, relaxed girls get fairy knots also!).
  4. Protective Styling:  Thank God for my laziness!  You all know I hate to feel tortured by hiding my hair, therefore I only PS for as long as I can stand it.  Luckily, I’ve been hella lazy so wigs and phony ponies have been a girl’s best friend!
  5. Greenhouse Effect:  I’ve been doing this pretty regularly and even though I hate the dampness that results in the morning, I love how moisturized and soft my hair feels for the entire day.

So there you have it.  I will continue to take pictures and update you on my progress.  So far, I think it is working, but you won’t have to take my word on it.  Whether its working or not, we’ll be able to tell – pictures never lie!

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