Reader Q: What are some PURE moisturizing deep conditioners (contain no protein)?

Question:  What are some PURE moisturizing DCs that do not contain any protein that I would recommend?  I received this question via my YouTube channel.  I get asked this ALL the time, both by online inquires and my “real life” friends.  I remember being on the search for one when I began my hair journey as well, so I figured it is well worth sharing my recommendations.

  • Bee Mine Moisturizing Deep Conditioner:  My main staple, works extremely well.  Is very moisturizing but is not heavy and rinses cleanly from my hair without leaving any residue.  Has a clean, light scent, provides great slip for the hair and penetrates very well when used with a heating cap or hooded dryer.  As you know by now, I love the Bee Mine owner and use their moisturizers daily – therefore this conditioner works well in conjunction with their other products.  The price however, is a big con for some ladies but I can definitely tell you a little goes a long way.  My conditioner literally lasts me about 3.5 months.  I have added hemp oil to this conditioner and LOVE the way my hair feels after rinsing.
  • Aussie 3 Minute Moisture Deep Conditioner:  An awesome, highly underrated product. Is not a natural product, but works exceptionally well.  It is cheap, readily available at all drug and retail stores.  It really does seem to make a tremendous difference in the condition of my hair in just three minutes, although I usually leave it on and use heat the way I do with all of my other deep conditioners.
  • Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose:  I haven’t used this is a while BUT I did have a very positive experience when I did.  My only con was that it is kind’ve heavy and seemed to leave a residue on my hair and did not rinse completely.
  • Aubrey Organics White Camellia:  LOVE!  I cannot tell for sure but I think the pH of this product is within the 4-6 optimal range for hair, as it contains a fair amount of aloe vera juice.  It also contains ceramides (although I usually add additional hemp oil) and works exceptionally well to moisturize, smooth, and lubricate my hair.  It is fairly inexpensive although I do seem to use a lot of it with each DC and its pretty easily available from the Vitamin Shoppe and Wholefood stores.  It is also a heavy product but does seem to rinse easier than the AOHSR did.
Although I have tried many a conditioner since the start of my HHJ, these are the only purely moisture deep conditioners with which I’ve had personal experience and would recommend.  I should mention that along with using any of the above DCs weekly, I proceed their use with a light protein condition (Joico Kpak Reconstructor for 1 minute) and have not had to worry about my moisture/protein balance and I my hair is not protein sensitive.  Depending on your hair needs, you may need to adjust accordingly.
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