Relaxed at 11 Weeks Post!

Relaxed at 11 Weeks Post!


My last relaxer was on 11-25-11.  Before that touch-up, I had told you that I was planning to self-relax in this post, but decided to visit my “home stylist” when I went to NJ for Thanksgiving.  She did an amazing job both with my relaxer and my trim (as you may remember) but now that I’m back where I currently reside…I was back at square one about whether to go to the salon or do it myself.

Well, if you follow me on Twitter then you already know…I SELF RELAXED!  I used Optimum Care No-Lye Relaxer and followed Jeni’s method, which became Shika’s method of self-relaxing, which involves pre-parting your hair, twisting the sections so they stay separate, basing the scalp and doing one half of your hair at a time (covering one side with shower caps, apply relaxer to other half, neutralize, then do the covered half the same way).  I had the best relaxer results ever!  I will be doing a vlog about the experience (pray it gets edited & posted soon) because if I were to type it this post would be like a term paper.  But let me hit the high points quickly.

  • Optimum Care:  I chose this relaxer because it contains ceramides and ya’ll already know how hard I’ve been on that wagon.  To refresh your memory in my original post about ceramides, I explained that relaxed hair benefits from ceramides most and that synthetic ceramides are more potent than natural ones.  So, that being said…I decided this relaxer was worth trying, plus I like no-lye, and trust me this relaxer did NOT disappoint.  My hair straightened amazingly well (I relax completely straight, not a texlaxer) and it feels super smooth. 
  • I rinsed extremely well, applied the supplied Optimum Care Reconstructor, THEN neutralized.  I also chelated with CHI Clean Start because no-lye relaxers are notorious for leaving mineral deposits in the hair causing dryness.
  • I can tell my hair grew but I resisted the urge to length check.  I really don’t think I’m BSL yet.  So what would be the point?  Still stickin’ with my goals for 2012!
  • I plan on trimming ONLY 0.5″ tomorrow at a generic chain shop like Supercuts or Great Clips.
  • Even though this experience yielded amazing results…I still would prefer to visit a salon.  I can do it myself, but honestly would love not to have to.  But I do think I will be doing it myself for a while.

Now I know you are saying this post is absolutely useless without pictures.  I say the same thing when folks post about relaxing…but then promise pics later. *hangs head in shame* Sorry about that!  BUT the video will be filmed this weekend and you will get more details and pics then!  I’ll talk about the things that worked well, what I will do differently, my thoughts on the Optimum Care No-Lye Relaxer, my process – all of that good stuff!  So stay plugged into L4L!

  • Will love to see a pictures…love the tips!


  • Yay! Glad to hear it went well for you!

  • I will definitely stay plugged into L4L! And I’m happy, your “experience yielded amazing results.”

  • LOVE Optimum no-lye. Is this your first time using it? Glad you had a good experience with self-relaxing this time!

  • I’m really looking forward to the results and how the half and half method worked for u.

  • Can’t wait to see the pictures!! I may be going back to no-lye relaxers (as much as I don’t want to) because my scalp doesn’t like the lye…

  • I’m glad it went well Ebony. I have not gotten the nerve to self relax but this seems like a really good technique.

  • Anonymous

    I switched to optimum no lye from ors no lye last summer and I absolutely love it. My hair is straight but has great body and strength…love this relaxer

  • Anonymous

    Glad it went well! I have my mom do it for me (I am very lucky. She really take her time with my hair and its only thrived as a result). I also love Optimum no-lye. I have been using it since I was a kid. Glad you had great results!

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