Relaxer Update: Length Retained, Bad Experience

Relaxer Update: Length Retained, Bad Experience

relaxer update

I feel like we haven’t “talked” in forever, and I have so much to tell you!  Well, for starters, I relaxed myhair on Friday, April 19 ending a 16 week stretch.  I followed my normal self relaxing routine of pre-parting my hair, basing my scalp and protecting the length of my previously relaxed hair with a protein conditioner and oil. I decided to use the new Optimum Care Amla Legend relaxer for a few reasons.  One, I was curious about it.  Two, it is by the same company as my staple relaxer and also is no-lye.  Three, I read a great review from an e-friend who loved it so much she decided to change staple relaxers.  But after my experience, I swear I wish I had never even I considered using it.

I will have a full review separately so I can walk you through all the things that I dislike about the Amla Legend relaxer.  I am just so shocked at how awful it is especially considering who influenced me to give it a try and since it is also by Optimum Care, I figured it would be very similar! I uploaded a short relaxer update video on my YouTube channel yesterday, and everyone who has tried it commented that they also had a bad experience.  Long story short, it burned my scalp, does not contain a reconstructor and was extremely difficult to rinse from my hair.  UGH!

However, I powered through the touch up process, deep conditioned for hours with Kerapro then allowed my hair to airdry.  I wanted to do a rollerset but when I first began parting my hair two things happened: I realized I still had some white residue on my scalp (after rinsing to death) so I re-rinsed and it was still there.  I finally had to reshampoo altogether! Also, my scalp was too tender to part and roll with the tension rollersets require.  So after airdrying I applied my favorite heat protectant, Optimum Care Heat Protection Polisher and flat ironed my hair.  The results were VERY straight hair with less volume than I prefer, but it did provide me a chance to throughly examine my ends which I am so happy to report are in great shape!  It is a bit difficult to see in the still photos, but the mini-vlog I did gives you a great view:

A few of you insisted that I am BSL already and as much as I would love to be, I assure you I am not.  I only have a couple more inches to go though and barring any life changing events, I will achieve it this year come hell or high water!  I apologize for using two different bras…I could have sworn the turquoise one was the same I used in January until I went back to find the photos! But they are made by the same company and appear to sit on my back in the same spot.

relaxer update

Clearly I retained quite a bit of length during the Protective Styling Challenge and I am so happy! It definitely was worth hiding my hair for three months.  I plan to enjoy my hair for a while and keep an eye out for any issues with my scalp and hair after my horrid relaxer experience. and if there are I hope I’ll be able to nip it in the bud. 

relaxer update

  • Oh no, that sucks! I’m glad you did a review so others might find this before trying it!

    • Thanks girl! I appreciate you always supporting my blog, a lot of naturals NEVER read relaxer updates!

      • Haha, girl it doesn’t matter to me. I think there is such a big stigma about perms and “unhealthy” hair and I think here you put that to rest. recently saw on of my favorite wig bloggers, she showed her natural hair and it was super thin, and non-exsistant to to me you have to take care of hair both ways in general. You show people that you can have full healthy hair even with a perm. If you ask me people eat junk/toxins and throw any sort of make up with all sorts of stuff on in but for some reason a perm is like “O_O oh no that’s bad for you” haha…it’s like do what you want with your hair if it works.

  • Sorry that the new relaxer wasn’t up to snuff but your hair looks amazing! Thick and healthy from root to tip?! I love it! Maybe I need to embark on a mini protective styling challenge because length retention is the order of business. Oh, also? *rubs crystal ball* I see full BSL in your near future 😉

    • Thanks Tai! I am soooo protecting again from June til September, come along with! lol

  • Mandy

    I read the reviews on that relaxer… Except for one, they all said how terrible it was… And omg that residue part was scary… The burning and everything u said, everyone hated it. But atleast your hair looks nice. I am so sorry about your tender scalp too. Sometimes you just gotta stick with what you know 🙁

    • Girl, yes! I am so irritated with myself for even trying it considering how great my hair has been doing and how much I love the other Optimum Care relaxer. But at least I learned another very valuable lesson that hopefully others won’t have to experience for themselves!

  • HairIAm_Shika

    Ugh that sucks that the relaxer experience was so horrible!!! But your hair looks loooooonnngg!!! (and I think you’re on to something with us relaxed ladies “syncing” up with our relaxers… I touched up on the same day that you did!)

    • Thanks Shika! I’m actually going to be looking thru your archives for your posts on henna and cassia, I’m totally into the whole Indian hair product bandwagon right now. But Imma tread slowly and carefully!

  • ghanaianemprezz

    Come rain or shine, You’ll be bra strap this year! So sorry you had to go through this.

  • congrats on retaining all that length

  • BeautifulMe

    YAY for retaining length, you will most definitely reach bsl before year end! Your hair looks gawg btw.

  • Tomi Cole

    Congrats!!!!! You retention is awesome and FULL BSL here you come 🙂

  • Aww so sorry you had such a horrible experience with that relaxer! Residue even after washing, no no no no! Optimum sent me a box of this relaxer to try but I so will not be using it! You had awesome retention and your hair looks great, you will so make BSL this year!

    • Jeni, I am so glad I could save you from using it! I think it has the potential to be good but definitely needs a few changes. Thank you so much, I can’t wait…I’m so ready to get over this “hump”!

  • Lydz

    Definitely BSL! wow so sorry about your relaxer experience and congrats on the all that retention!

  • Your hair looks amazing! Love! Love! Love your ends! Sorry about the relaxer burning you. Hope it feels better now?

    • Thank you, I was probably more excited about my ends than I was the retention…that has been such an issue for me the last two years! It does feel better now so I don’t think there will be any long term issues, thank goodness!

  • Congrats on your retention! (Sorry about the relaxer)

    • Thanks Kim! I’ll be growing to BSL right along with you after your trim!

  • LaShanda Eller

    You are the second person I heard say that about that relaxer!! The other person said that it burned bad and damaged her hair.

    Great progress though!! Hope your scalp feels better soon!

  • Candice

    Your hair looks great! BSL by the end of the year for sure 🙂 boooooooooo to that relaxer :/

  • Courtney

    Ugh, boo on the relaxer experience, but yay!!! for the great results! Great retention and wonderful-looking ends.

    I know I keep saying it, but I’m so happy you hosted this challenge! It has done wonders for me and protective styling. On to BSL in 2013!

  • zsstever

    I used this perm back April. I had a horrible experience. I started to feel the burning sensation after half way on my head. After I start washing my hair with the shampoo my hair fell out in different spots. I was horrified. I texted my hair stylist and told what happened. I used the regular strength and it was strong for me. I am still struggling with my hair trying to grow back. My is has thinned out. I had a head of coarse hair.