Resh Salon Review | Flat Iron + Length Check

Resh Salon Review | Flat Iron + Length Check

Resh Salon Review, Natural Hair Salon in Delaware, Natural Hair Salon in New Jersey, How to Find a Natural Hair Salon
Receptionist area, the envelopes are for tipping.

Over the holidays, I traveled home to Jersey of course and had my hair straightened and trimmed at Resh Salon & Spa in New Castle, Delaware.  My mother found Resh through a Google search which was our first “good” impression of the establishment.  Stylists and salon owners – if you don’t have an online presence, at the very least an active social media account, you probably don’t have a chance at earning my business.  Being online says to me that 1) you take yourself seriously as a business person and/or hair care professional 2) you are proud of your work and happy to give potential clients a “preview” of what you can do and 3) you care to be transparent about the services you offer and your prices.  So A+ to Resh Salon for having a beautifully designed website where you can see services offered and prices prior to making an appointment. My only suggestion would be to improve on the mobile version of the site, I had a hard time navigating from my phone…which is how most people browse the net these days.

Resh Salon Review, Natural Hair Salon in Delaware, Natural Hair Salon in New Jersey
The Resh Salon & Spa Website

Before my visit to the salon, my mom had a braided updo and also referred my cousin.  They were both extremely happy with their services and the salon.  So on the strength of their high recommendations plus the fact that I had a not-so-great straightening experience back at the end of August, I decided to give Resh a go.  We booked our appointments for 8 o’clock on Christmas Eve morning.  We arrived at 7:55 and were greeted at the receptionist station and told to have a seat in the waiting area.

Resh Salon Review, Natural Hair Salon in Delaware, Natural Hair Salon in New Jersey, How to Find a Natural Hair Salon
Receptionist area, the envelopes are for tipping.

The vibe of the salon is great, the color scheme and décor is tastefully feminine without being tacky or over the top.  Hues of grey with pops of sparkle throughout plus soft R&B music immediately relaxes you.  In the reception area, Resh offers hair care products, shea butter and satin bonnets/scarves for sale.  The wifi password is provided in cute frames in the waiting and salon areas plus all of the equipment (chairs, dryers, shampoo bowls, etc) is in excellent condition.  They offer both steam and regular deep conditioning under the dryer at the choice of the patron.

Resh Salon Review, Natural Hair Salon in Delaware, Natural Hair Salon in New Jersey, How to Find a Natural Hair Salon
There are a few different areas of the salon, the dryers are in their own room.

The salon heavily utilizes shampoo assistants to keep the flow of clientele moving along, but the stylists also shampoo and prep clients as well.  My assistant was great, she asked if not only the temperature of the water was okay but also her pressure as she cleansed my scalp.  The assistant dampened my hair a bit then began carefully detangling and removing shed hair before continuing the shampooing process.  A+ for her!  My stylist was Krystle Love and she was also great.  She asked if I was having any scalp issues or hair concerns before the assistant began my service.  I requested a moisturizing deep conditioner and explained that I wanted my hair straightened and given a good trim.  She smiled and replied “No problem!”  The assistant proceeded to shampoo, condition and blow dry my hair.

4c Natural Hair, Longing 4 Length
Krystle did have to go over my blow out again to get it a bit smoother and straighter, but I still didn’t feel as though excessive heat had been applied to my hair.  I was so impressed with how straight she was able to flat iron my hair without multiple passes.  She did one or two pass tops and my hair was flowing!  I have not seen my true length since completing my transition and although I’m somewhat of a slow grower, my progress is definitely evident!

6 Even before the trim as you can see above, my ends were not nearly as bad as I imagined.  Krystle thoroughly trimmed my ends and I doubt I could have been more pleased with my results.  My hair was so soft, smooth and straight!

natural 4c hair straightened, longing 4 length, how to straighten natural hair without heat damage,
My final results…love it!

Krystle did an amazing job on my hair and I enjoyed my service with her.  She definitely took her time and made sure the job was done right!  I also appreciated how well she trimmed my hair without taking off length unnecessarily.  There is nothing like peace of mind when your stylist has scissors in her hands!  I could feel her smoothing my hair down to the very end and carefully examining to make a precise trim.

Aside from loving my entire experience at Resh salon, there are a few things I’d like to highlight that take the salon from great to exceptional:

  • The fact that you are encouraged to book your appointment with whichever stylist is available at your requested date and time, versus working your appointment around a particular person’s schedule. The culture of the salon is that everyone is knowledgeable and capable of delivering quality service.  Of course, some have specialties (braids, sew-ins, locs) and you may patronize one particular stylist if you choose, but you won’t get cursed out if you visit another stylist at your next visit.
  • The ability to choose the level of expertise of your stylist (1st, 2nd or master).
  • Ability to book your appointment by phone or online
  • The range of services offered – Resh Salon is not a “natural” salon. They do relaxers, sew-ins, and natural hairstyles.  They sell hair directly in the salon as well as hair care products and oils.
  • Nearly every single patron I observed had beautiful, healthy hair. You can tell a lot about a salon based on the condition of their client’s hair.  Their clientele is the perfect array of healthy hair of all textures and lengths.

Overall, I am very pleased with my results and even loving my hair straight for the time being.  I’ll update you on how I prepped my hair and reversion after my next wash day.  In the meantime, if you are in the NJ/DE/Philly Tri-State area, I highly recommend Resh Salon!

Straightened natural hair, straightened 4c hair, how to flat iron natural hair, flat ironed type 4 hair
Before / After – Our hair is truly magical! #blackgirlmagic
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    Love this hair update! And especially how your hair turned out in the end 🙂

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    Your hair looks great, nice job!