Resurrect the THICKness!

Resurrect the THICKness!

I’ve already shared this via my YouTube videos about my weave take down process and final results (see the videos for visualization).  My hair thinned out during my detangling process.  Not a whole lot but enough for me to keep an eye on it.  I was SO many weeks post (20+) that when I shampooed my hair loose it just tangled and matted, even after removing the shed hair and detangling prior to washing.  So…word to the wise, if you are more than 10-12 weeks post (or substantially past your normal relax time) you should plait, shampoo, condition and detangle your hair in sections.  I had so many tangles right at the line of demarcation that I lost a lot of hair and it seems slightly thinner.  My hair has been here before.  I’ve heard people say again and again that thickening your hair is impossible, and the logic behind their statement seems reasonable, however I know that isn’t the case for me.  If I just leave my hair alone, give it a few months, the strands seem to plump or something…its the weirdest thing!  Maybe because my hair is naturally thick, I dunno.
EbonyCPrincess Growing Thick Relaxed Hair
So my plan to bring back my thickness?  I’m going to go hard with the growth aid, hide it, condition the heck outta it, and most importantly continue to stretch this relaxer.  I’ve already noticed a huge difference between the thickness of my hair between then (after the weave take down) and now.  I wouldn’t DARE stretch this long if my hair was loose, it spells disaster.  But I fear that if I relaxed right now I’d be disappointed with the state of it.  Air drying also helps it to appear thicker, as does rollersetting instead of flat ironing.  At the end of the summer….I am going to get a serious TRIM (not a dusting) and hopefully I’ll be at BSL, with thick, healthy blunt ends.  This is a whole new plan for me – I’ve not hidden my hair this long, stretched this long, or even trimmed this often since the start of my hair journey.  BUT I feel it is going to be a success…positive thinking right?!
^^^ My hair currently (June 2011) lightly blown out.  It is not completely straight and the ends still look a little scraggly but it is clearly thicker than it was in May. 
  • As you go through this, will you also change some hair care products? Perhaps poos & condish for volume?

  • Good luck with continuing your stretch and I’m positive that your hair will be back to its normal thickness in no time.

  • i’ve lost some thickness too due to breakage in the back. i find it so hard to keep hair healthy back there 🙁 what growth aid are you using?

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  • @ohStella – I don’t intend to use any volumizing products (hadn’t really thought about it) but that is an idea! Thanks for suggesting it.

    @Curliebelle – thank you dear!

    @simplychic – it IS hard to keep the nape from breaking! I’m using Bee Mine Growth Serum (sulfur based) and I’ve already entered your giveaway darlin!

  • I saw a video of yours where you used warm coconut oil to detangle your hair first…that has worked for both me and my friend (who’s also on a hair journey). you didnt do that this time? that’s the only thing that bothers me when stretching so long…feels like I lose a lot hair from detangling alone!!

  • Good Luck Doll and I’m hopeful you’re hair will be back to normal in no time.

    Thx for your comment on my blog and I’m following you too now.

    <3 Marina

  • It still looks pretty thick. Good luck and detangle with grace.