Review | Jane Carter Solution Seal and Shine

Review | Jane Carter Solution Seal and Shine


I’ve already reviewed the Moisture Mist, which I love, and the Jane Carter Solution Seal and Shine is yet another amazing new product from this company.  It is designed to be used after hydrating your strands to seal in moisture and it contains jojoba, soy oil, shea and mango butters.  The product description reads:

  • Silicone free hair glossifier
  • Perfect combination of Shea Butter and essential oils nourishes hair without weighing it down
  • Use after Quench to seal in moisture
  • Creates manageable hair with vibrant shine

Jane Carter Solution Seal and Shine Review

Performance:  Seals and shines.  The end.  LOL! No, seriously, this item is unique in that it adds incredible shine and is an effective sealant in a spray form, but does not contain silicones.  Which means that it provides its amazing shine without causing product buildup.  I love the trigger spray nozzle featured on the Moisture Mist and believe the same top is supposed to be found on the Jane Carter Solution Seal and Shine, but I purchased mine from a third party beauty supply retailer so it just has a regular pump top.  Jane Carter is now a pretty widely available brand, you can find this product online and locally at Target, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and most recently Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply stores.

Cons: My Seal and Shine has the traditional pump top so instead of the product spraying in a fine mist like the Moisture Mist, it is a more direct stream…which is especially frustrating for a sealant.  One area of your hair feels extra oily while another didn’t receive any product at all.  However, as I said above, I don’t think the top on my bottle of Seal and Shine is what is normally found.   Also, it is pricier than I’d like, but a little goes a very long way (especially with the right top).

SRP: $15 for 4 oz

I suggest using Jane Carter Solution Seal and Shine after their Moisture Mist or Quench spray moisturizer for best results.

jane carter solution seal and shine product review - longing 4 length

The combination of the Moisture Mist + Seal and Shine is like a match made in heaven for my hair.  If you would like to learn more about some of the other new hydrating and sealing products Jane Carter Solution offers, check out my previous post about them here for more information.

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    We’ve changed the spray cap back. Please email and we would be glad to send you the fine mist sprayer!


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