Roll-Ka Comb Review

Roll-Ka Comb Review

roll-ka comb

I spoke about wanting a Roll-Ka comb in my last wish list post and ordered it shortly after.  I’ve used it at least four times since then (I like to use items for at least a month before reviewing) and so far I am duly impressed. You know when I love something I rave and rave about it, so be prepared to hear about my Roll-Ka comb time and time again! In normal Longing 4 Length fashion I tried to be as thorough as possible in my review (read: the following post is a bit lengthy, lol).

roll-ka comb The Roll-Ka comb has a hygienic rolling rubber base designed specifically for even distribution of products such as color and conditioner.  It promises no splicing resulting in improved hair structure and an even and thrifty distribution of product.  Many women on their healthy hair journeys are meticulous about applying their conditioner and go so far as to apply it in small sections the way one would a relaxer.  As hair obsessed as I am, I must admit, I believe I’ve only done that once during my own HHJ, at that was within the first month!  I completely understand the benefits but just haven’t taken the time to add that to my conditioning routine.  That being said, when I saw the Roll-Ka comb listed on website I was immediately intrigued.  The $16.95 price point is a bit intimidating but because I absolutely love the other combs from this company, it didn’t turn me off at all.  I figured if past experiences were any indication, then it would be well worth every cent.

The first thing I noticed upon receiving my Roll-Ka comb is that the rubber feels a bit softer than the other combs and the teeth are “forgiving” meaning they have some amount of flexibility.  When applying my conditioner, I followed the same method demonstrated in the exclusive video included in my L4L Healthy Hair Handbook – finger parting my hair horizontally in sections and applying the conditioner from root to tip, adding a bit extra to my ends and to the underside of my hair.  The only difference is this time I used the Roll-Ka comb to detangle and distribute the product.

I was impressed with my first use!  The teeth glided through my hair so gently and because of the soft flexible quality of the Roll-Ka comb, it detangled like a dream without pulling at my hair.  I was combing from root to tip without any issues – both before and after my touch up, my new growth did not hinder its amazing performance.  I did compare its performance with the Magic Jumbo Rake comb from and I do prefer the Roll-Ka comb for the purposes of detangling my damp hair and spreading the conditioner.  I also used it to distribute the clear rinse I applied a couple of weeks ago.

I’m not sure this comb is a necessity for your healthy hair journey but if you are trying to have the healthiest hair possible, it is a nice addition to your arsenal.  I think EVERYONE should purchase at least one seamless comb from Hercules Sageman (you will be amazed at the difference they make) and the Roll-Ka comb would be considered a worthy additional splurge.  Below I show how the Roll-Ka comb can be disassembled for easy cleaning and also compare it with Hercules Sageman #1975 which is a similar shape and size.  You can see exactly what I mean by “soft flexibility.”  Enjoy!

  • great review…I’m definitely sold and must try especially for my daughter’s thick hair.

  • Oooo…this is so cool. I am lazy and do not like to section my hair to apply conditioner so this sounds like it would be perfect for me. Great review Ebony!