Wash Day | First Roller Set on Natural Hair!

Wash Day | First Roller Set on Natural Hair!


I had another fantastic wash day this week!  I decided I wanted to see my hair straight.  Originally I planned to do a roller set on my natural hair, followed by flat ironing.  However, I was more than pleasantly surprised that the roller set yielded smooth, fluffy and relatively straight hair!   So I ended up skipping the flat ironing and still ended up with a cute style – without using direct heat! *dances little jig*

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To begin, as I detangled with the Motions Pre-Wash Detangling Butter.  Next I pulled out the three products in the Motions Straight Finish collection.  I’ve reviewed these items a few times and I really like their effect in preparation to straighten my hair, which is their intended use.  This collection lacks a deep conditioner, so after reading this post from Saving Our Strands, I decided to run out and purchase Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner.  This conditioner has been on my list of items to try for years!  My intention is to always use strengthening products – keratin, protein, ceramides – before using heat to fortify and protect my strands.  So after washing and conditioning my hair, I detangled and parted my hair as I planned to roller set:  one “row” in the middle and four quadrants.  Parting my hair and working in sections is the key to doing any style quickly and easily, but especially roller sets – for both relaxed and natural hair.

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To complete the roller set I used:  1.5″ hard plastic rollers and roller picks, Lottabody  Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion (omg, LOVE LOVE LOVE this new formula!), seamless detangling combs, hair clips and of course my faithful Pebco Hooded Dryer.  Check out the quick tutorial below for additional tips:

From start to finish (rolling + drying time + roller removal) this style took about 90 minutes.  NO LIE!  And ya know, I may not have been shocked or surprised by my texture after completing my transition but…I am surprised by how smoothly I can rod and roller set my natural hair.  I thought these styles were impossible on 4c hair when starting on wet, unmanipulated hair.  I thought stretching or applying some direct heat would always be a requirement.  So even after I did a flexi rod set successfully a couple of weeks ago, I was skeptical about how straight my hair would be which is why I planned to flat iron after roller setting.  No, my hair isn’t perfectly straight but it is definitely smoother than I ever thought it could be without applying any direct heat.  Plus, I wanted the fluffy, not perfectly straight look (this time) I am super pleased with the results!

How are you wearing your hair this week?

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  • On point as usual, I will definitely be trying this on my daughter’s natural hair.

  • LaQT/ Ty

    Hi. It came out nice. I love the volume. It looks so full and healthy.

  • Your set looks amazing! And hold up… 90 minutes rolling drying and take down!! Getting ready to watch your tutorial now. I’ve never done a set that fast!