Roller Set on Transitioning Hair | Good Hair in a Bottle Review

Roller Set on Transitioning Hair | Good Hair in a Bottle Review


After removing my weave, I realized I wanted to WEAR my hair.  Yes, the struggle of all these different textures and lengths (as I’ve cut away breakage and relaxed hair) makes it difficult to maintain my transitioning hair while working out, but sometimes that struggle is completely worth it to just enjoy my hair! Even if it is just for a few days.  Since I was sent a set of products from Good Hair in a Bottle, including setting foam, I decided to do a roller set on transitioning hair while reviewing these products.

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Wash Day Steps:

  1. Prepoo with warm EVCO.  This is an essential step in my wash days that I can no longer afford to skip because I really do notice the decreased breakage along my demarcation line when I do it.  Check out the Benefits of Coconut Oil and All About the Prepoo for more information.
  2. Shampoo twice with Good Hair is Clean.  This is a sulfate-free shampoo that suds slightly and did not dry out my hair.
  3. Deep condition with Good Hair is Nourished.  I separated my hair into four sections and kept it separate throughout my entire wash day per usual.  I applied the conditioner in sections then used my Hot Head Conditioning Cap to deep condition with heat.  This conditioner is a moderately thick, creamy consistency that absorbed well into my strands.
  4. Detangle using fingers.  One thing I’ve finally learned it is to use combs as little as possible because our fingers are so much gentler!  This conditioner did give my hair a lot of slip and made detangling quick and painless.
  5. Spray Good Hair is Radiant oil.  I chose to follow the instructions of the product and applied this oil after rinsing the conditioner from my hair to seal in the moisture from deep conditioning.  It contains cones along with some natural oils so it gives nice slip to the hair with an earthy smell.
  6. Roller Set with Good Hair is Resilient foam.  Since I have cut the majority of my hair in the front and crown areas of my head, I decided to style it with a center part to give a layered look with the final outcome.  I used the Capelli halo rollers where my hair is longer and Diane plastic mesh rollers in the front where it is shorter.  Although I love the shortened drying time resulting from using these rollers, for an even SMOOTHER finish, I recommend using traditional magnetic rollers.

I give a demonstration plus a closer look at the Good Hair In a Bottle products in the video above.  You’ll get a great view of my texture and see some of my shrinkage (I’m 52 weeks post relaxer here).  There are a few special tips for doing a roller set on transitioning hair that I didn’t find as necessary when all of my hair was relaxed.

Tips for Roller Setting Transitioning Hair

  1. Use a moisturizing deep conditioner.  Transitioners, especially those in it for a long time like myself,  find protein to be there best friend to help curb breakage.  However, to help fingers glide through the hair to section and roll, it is essential that the hair has as much moisture as possible for added slip!
  2. Use fingers only.  Let’s be real, a roller set is not going to get your natural hair completely straight, especially if you are in the type 4 family like myself.  The goal here is to stretch and straighten your new growth as much as possible without applying direct heat.  So, don’t use a small of fine tooth comb like you previously used on your fully relaxed hair when rollersetting to smooth each section.  Instead, rely on your fingers for EVERYTHING!  Parting, sectioning, detangling smoothing and rolling!
  3. Use picks not clips.  Alligator and prong metal clips get caught and tangled in your natural new growth very easily and almost always cause a bit of breakage, even if it is just a few strands.  Instead hold the rollers in place using plastic picks as I show in the video.
  4. Create medium sized sections.  If you try to roll a large section, you won’t be able to create enough tension to adequately stretch your new growth, but making too many small sections is tedious and may be too much manipulation for your strands.
  5. Cover non-working sections with shower cap.  Okay, the worst thing that can ever happen in life for a transitioner is allowing your hair to dry without stretching the new growth first!  It will shrink, your line of demarcation will mat and pretty much the only option – aside from ripping through your tangles – would be to start over in the shower.   Covering the sections of hair you aren’t working on with a shower cap keeps them damp so when you are ready, you are able to continue to detangle and roll with ease.

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I enjoyed the final results and quite honestly, I find blow drying with the tension method to stretch my new growth much more tedious and difficult.  While I will be returning to my wigs and weave very soon, it was nice to have a fairly stress free wash day that allowed me to create a cute style!

As for the Good Hair Is products, I really did enjoy them.  The shampoo is probably my least favorite, just because there are sooooo many great sulfate free shampoos on the market and this one didn’t do anything spectacular.  The conditioner gave my hair a lot of slip and my hair feels quite soft and moisturized.  The oil spray is an interesting product, the ingredients are definitely NOT all natural oils but it did seem to nourish my hair and I actually felt the difference when I forgot to spray a section before rolling so it is a keeper.  The resilient foam is really lightweight and non-drying (almost moisturizing actually), so if you are not looking for a firm hold, this is a good option to have touchable, soft curls.

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The Good Hair Is website will be launching soon;  In the meantime you can sign up for their newsletter to be notified of product info and when the line will be available for purchase.

This post is sponsored by Good Hair Is.  All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Robyn

    Your curls look LOVELY!!! I must say I struggle to not use a comb when rollersetting. My fingers simply do not get the job done to stretch the new growth sufficiently before rolling around the rollers. So KUDOS to you honey!

    • Thanks Robyn! I did too until now, when it would literally take twice as long if I were to use the comb. But also using these rollers with the little bumps (not the ones with the spikes!!!) help to stretch the new growth too.

  • Michelle

    I found these tips so very helpful even as a person with no intentions of transitioning. I tried a roller set this weekend and ended up so frustrated and defeated that I cheated and did a ponytail rollerset on my texlaxed hair instead. If only I had read this article first!

    • GREAT!!! I always say, its the same journey, natural/relaxed/transitioning! I’m so happy you still follow the blog and find my tips helpful…you just made my day! lol

  • NancyM

    Great tips. I love roller sets. I did them when I was relaxed, during my transition, and now that I’m natural. They are a good way to safely stretch hair without the damage of a blow dryer. Plus, blow drying leaves my hair dull looking; roller setting keeps the shine without having to add more products after it’s dry.

    • Agreed!!!! I couldn’t believe that I found this way easier than blow drying with the tension method plus I had a finished style!

  • Li

    I still dont get why people have so much problems with their hair during work out. That is the time i worry the least about My hair. I just put it in a bun or pony tail or pineapple it. Also, I love to wash my hair in the gym as it is so spacious and I can sit in the sauna with my deep condition.

    Love the roller set on you!

    • Really?! Lucky you! When freshly relaxed, my rollersets would fall straight flat and when stretching (now transitioning) my roots shrivel up! Plus, my scalp begins to itch after about 3 days of hard workouts from the sweat. Thanks for dropping by as always Li!

  • S.O.S Hair


    So….when you gonna come and do my roller set? LOL.

    Do you find that you have to sit under the dryer longer now that you’re a year + post?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

  • Your roller-set looks great, Ebony! I need to hire you and KLP to teach me out to do a successful roller-set lol. Kudos on a great wash day, experience.

    PS–I’ve never seen those Good Hair is products. Where are they sold? I’m curious about the styling foam.

  • sandra

    Wow your roller set! Can’t believe you get such smooth results with all that new growth. I’m transitioning too and getting my curly styles to look even all over is a battle. You look lovely

  • Tomes Edition

    Your set came out great. I’m so lazy to even try but you’re giving me inspiration to give it a try

  • I love the results.