Rollersetter Spotlight: Toy (aka SMHHG)

Rollersetter Spotlight: Toy (aka SMHHG)


This month’s spotlight focuses on a natural rollersetter, Toy, who is the owner of Healthy Hair Zone social network, author of See My Healthy Hair Grow blog, and vlogger. I cannot remember when I began following Toy, but I do know it was first through her You Tube channel. She has really beautiful hair, and you ladies should know by now that I appreciate beautiful HEALTHY hair, regardless of whether it is chemically straightened or not. As I watched her videos, around the time I was contemplating doing more sets, Toy began to upload some roller and rod set tutorials and the results were always stunning (I even featured one of her vids on my Rollersetting Tips)! I was amazed at how smooth she seemed to get her hair – and I know that is an area that many unrelaxed ladies struggle with. The L4L Rollersetting Challenge is not only for relaxed ladies, it’s for anyone who desires healthy hair! To that end, I asked Toy if should would like to be a feature and she graciously agreed. Enjoy!
What is your hair type and length?
My hair length is just passing APL (armpit length) and approaching BS (bra strap). My hair type is debatable. It’s mostly 3c along the hair line and crown but in other areas it’s similar to a 4. Overall my hair has a mind of it’s own and can be dry and coarse at times. 

How often do you roller or flexirod set your hair and how long does it normally last?
Since starting the challenge (evidently Toy is in a rollersetting challenger herself!), I’ve set my natural hair for three consecutive weeks. The fourth week I blew out my hair and did a braid out. My sets usually last an entire week. 

What are your staple setting products? 

  • Lottabody (Magnetic Roller Set)
  • Lock and Twist Gel ( Flexi Rod Set)
  • Aphogee Leave-in-Conditioner
  • Agadir Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Olive Oil Replensishing Deep Conditioner
  • Day 3 Flexirod Set
Did you roller/rod set your hair while transitioning?
Yes, that’s basically how I transitioned from relaxed to natural (7 month transition). It was a healthy styling alternative instead of using direct heat. Wet sets also allowed me to blend my new growth with the relaxed ends.

How do you think roller/rod sets benefit your hair?
The benefits of setting my hair are numerous. It allows me to wear my hair in a stretched state which is great for me because my hair knots up pretty easily. Also, I can get smooth hair without direct heat which in turn allows me the opportunity to retain length more easily. I also like the fact that I can have the same low maintenance style for and entire week before having to reset my natural hair.

Since becoming fully natural did you ever think you couldn’t set your natural hair successfully without it being a frizzy mess? If so, what changed your mind?

Transitioning Style: Toy’s Silk Wrap
I had a lot of practice in my younger years with roller sets. I graduated cosmetology school back in 1998 and you must successfully complete a frizz free set on all types of hair before you’re allowed to move onto the next section. Practice really does make perfect and after A LOT of practice, I had the confidence to do roller sets on my own natural hair at home.

What advice would you give others who are attempting to set their natural or transitioning hair for the best results?
The best advice I can give is to have patience. Give yourself time to develop the motor skills needed to roll the hair neatly and quickly. Also try different products to see which one works best for your hair. Once you get your regimen down, it’s a snap after that! Best Wishes!

Thank you so much, Toy, for your wonderful responses. It is not often that we come across a certified cosmetologist and healthy hair journeyer!  I know we have some transitioning and natural ladies in the challenge, hopefully this serves as inspiration for you in particular.  Happy setting!
  • Thank you for featuring me on your blog!

  • Thanks for the info. Your blog has lots of great tips. I enjoyed the articles, Toy. I will be looking for that flexi rod video.

  • Great interview! I’m transitioning to natural so I need to add this chick to my list of followers, lol. I can’t wait to start rocking a roller set!

    BTW, got your email. Excited for this challenge!!!

  • Great hair story! Thanks for sharing! Gives me hope and the courage to keep trying rollersetting!

  • Thanks for posting this, Ebony. Me and my hair have been in a nasty little fight. This provided some inspiration.