Wash Day: Rollerwrap with Capelli Halo Rollers

Wash Day: Rollerwrap with Capelli Halo Rollers

halo rollers review

halo rollersBeing that my workout schedule means my hair stays cute for about two days max, I intended to have it braided for wig wear this week.  However, I was asked to review a set of rollers from Capelli Care.  Once I visited their site, I was ecstatic to accept because the rollers are similar to my beloved plastic mesh rollers which significantly cut down on my dryer time.  Some of you may remember my only complaint about the Diane plastic mesh rollers is that they are only available up to 1.5″ and I wanted a few larger sizes.

Capelli Care offers two different types of rollers – halo and hourglass.  I selected the halo because had the traditional cylindrical shape.  Capelli Care sent four packs of halo rollers: two blue (1.57″) and two pink (1.77″) rollers for a total of 48, I rolled my hair using only 20.  The rollers are made of a flexible plastic, are fully vented and have small rounded grooves.  The grooves gave me pause at first because I was concerned they would cause breakage.  Upon closer observation I realized they are more smooth bumps rather than spiked teeth.

halo rollers review

After washing and conditioning my hair (Bee Mine Botanical Moisturizing Shampoo, ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor), I used water alone as I sectioned and rolled my hair.  The rollers can be used with either alligator clips or pick; I tried picks at first but found the clips made them much more secure.  In the video below I give a demonstration of how well the rollers provide tension while rolling and show you the results as I removed the rollers from my dry hair.


As you saw, my sections were large and not very neat but the rollers handled it very well.  I also was able to get away with it because my hair is SO straight (not texlaxed) so larger sections were fine.  I made sure not to pull or place any stress on the ends of my hair while rolling because as you know I’m always battling a thin end issue once I grow beyond APL.  My hair completely dried in 40 minutes and as you saw the rollers left each section smoothly curled – no weird dents even though I was lazy and did not use end papers.  After drying I wrapped my hair with a few drops of grapeseed oil and ended up with a beautiful rollerwrap.

halo rollers review My final thoughts on the Halo Rollers?  Love them.  These rollers rolled my hair very quickly, dried it quickly, gave me amazing results and are available in any size you could want.  Great product and I recommend them.  One of my hair friends Jeni of Just Grow Already reviewed the hourglass rollers earlier this year, check out her discussion also for a different perspective.

So, the results were fabulous, my hair was so shiny, soft and smooth.  Until I played tennis that evening, afterwards my hair was soaked with sweat.  I’m on a mission though, so I didn’t mind…too much.  It would’ve been nice to rock the rollerwrap for at least two days, sheesh!  However, to give you a great review and let you know about these halo rollers which cut my drying time literally in half…I guess it was worth it!

  • Yaya

    Hey I normally don’t comment I’m just a lurker so to speak but!!!!! I had to come on here and say you look amazing!!!! I saw the vid on my feed and was thinking why is YouTube showing older videos. Trust me I’ve been watching for years and I look closely and it’s recent!!!! Your face is so slim and just gawjus!! I had to comment!!! Your doing an amazing job keep doing what your doing and being an inspiration to others, being humble and in good spirits gets you very far!!! Thank you

    • Thank you thank you thank you for coming out of lurkdom to leave such an encouraging & beautiful comment!

  • Love the shiny and smooth results!

    • Me too! I swear it made me miss my sets – until I sweated it out! But for only 30 minutes under the dryer, I wasn’t even that mad about it, lol!

  • I need to get back to roller setting. Just takes so long and the benefits are not lasting with working out and protective styling. Great review! Your hair looks amazing.

    • Thanks! And you are right…the results aren’t long lasting for me right now at all! lol

  • S.O.S Hair

    All that shine almost blinded me! You better get it Ebony!


  • Tomes Edition

    Very Smooth and Shiny!

  • jeimy

    your hair looks oh so healthy and awesome

  • B Dav

    Girl, you look so gorgeous!
    I can’t believe how thin you are!
    And your hair is fabulous (duh!).
    I’m inspired 🙂
    Britt @ One&20

    • Awwwww thank you! I’m getting there slowly but surely!

  • Christina Johnson

    This probably will seem like a silly question but I have to ask what are end papers?

  • Helen

    Hi: I want to buy those Halo rollers. Amazon doesn’t have them in stock. Any other ideas where I can buy them?