Rollerwrap, Length and End Check

Rollerwrap, Length and End Check

I made a little mistake and visited a new (white) stylist for a rollerset today – the one who trimmed my hair last month.  I decided late Friday evening that I wanted to have my hair done and she was the best option I came up with.  Well, she wasn’t bad per se…but she just wasn’t great with ethnic hair.  She washed and DC’d with Aveda products, which was fine.  I think she got frustrated detangling and therefore only did a superficial job sooooo my dried hair had a TON of tangles. I didn’t even let her comb the curls when she finished because I could tell it would take me a few minutes to do.  She also didn’t pull the roots as taught she should have; When I came home, I lightly flat ironed my roots on 300F, wrapped it up, and sat under my hooded dryer for a few minutes to straighten and smooth out my hair.  When I combed it down, I loved the body, thickness, fullness, volume, and length!  Yes, all of those adjectives…lol.

My ends are looking better and better, but I absolutely MUST detangle more properly.

Look at that thickness!!!!  LOVE
My roots have SO much volume!!!
I can’t believe how much my sides have grown out.
Two more years and I think  I will be satisfied with the length and thickness all the way around.
BTW this is a camisole, not just a bra despite the way it appears! lol.

A better look at my ends.
I thought a stylist could set my hair much better than I ever could – I was wrong.  I need to stop being lazy and get back into the habit because I truly love the way a rollerwrap looks on me.  Times like these are when I miss living in New Jersey…Dominican shops that do Doobie sets for $15 on every corner!
So what do you think of the progress on my ends?

  • I think the progress is awesome Ebony! Your hair has really come a long way since I first discovered your blog and you are doing awesome!

  • They look super healthy!!! And your hair is thick and gorgeous. Hatin’..LOL

  • Your hair looks fab and Super Shiny! You’re on your way Diiiva!!! And I’m right behind you… I loved your recent post on your guest blog spot. I had to make a lengthy, much-needed comment- so beware! LOL God Bless you my Sista!

  • BHI

    Wow, lovely! Imagine how thick your hair will be once those roots become the new ends!

  • I definetely see an improvement in your ends! For my part, I always had a hairdresser who can straight my hair better then I do at home… Maybe you should change stylist. Even if the dominicans use a lot of heat, they know how to get it straight for sure lol!!! I am now going to a “white” hair salon and the shampoo girl is white and she detangles my hair quite well and I’m 8 weeks post relaxer! She also puts rollers but it’s a black woman that blow dry and flat my hair!