Salon Visit & Hair Update

Salon Visit & Hair Update

Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil Review

I was so excited for my salon visit last week a few weeks ago (sorry it took me so long to update you)!  I know it is quite popular in the online healthy hair world for women to be super proud of the fact that they never visit the salon anymore and do everything themselves, but that is so not me.  A good stylist can turn your hair out like you can only dream to do at home, in my humble opinion.  The major issue for me is finding a stylist you can TRUST who consistently practices healthy hair care.  I know some stylists really hate the computer age, with all of the hair blogs, you tubers and forums because it really has affected their income, but instead of complaining I wish more would embrace the information that is online and merge it with their professional expertise like Latoya Jones and Reneice.  I’d happily patronize those ladies any day of the week!  Anyway here is a video update so you can see my hair after my salon visit:

I found this new salon through an extreme Google search.  My city does not have a single Dominican salon, but there was a post about a Dominican woman who worked at an upscale white salon who was said to be amazing.  I dropped in to see if I could consult with her, but she was off that day.  However there was a Panamanian stylist there who was said to be good with Black hair so I spoke with her.  She seemed to have good hair care practices, including appreciating that I stretch my relaxers for 3-4 months at a time and stating that she deep conditions every single client.  We talked for about 20 minutes before I made my appointment.  I prepooed my hair with warm coconut oil and she had no problem with shampooing it out.  The visit went really well except for the fact that instead of giving me a cellophane rinse like I asked, she did a demi-permanent color by Wella.  The color results were great, my hair is now a rich off-black color.  My issue is that she did something other than what I asked without notifying me first.  I asked for cellophane…I wanted cellophane.  It doesn’t matter that this is satisfactory.  *sigh*  So at that point I knew I would not allow her to trim my hair no matter how badly I needed it.  You don’t follow directions, so you will NEVER trim my hair.  Nope nope nope.  Been there, done that.

Anyway, she used Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner then proceeded to rollerset my hair.  It was so interesting, she did an okay job setting it but I thought it was going to be a disaster because she did not section my hair before starting like I’m used to seeing.  She simply would grab a piece of hair and roll it, so there were no rows – just rollers randomly all over my head.  She also did not re-wet my hair as she went and it didn’t seem to be especially tight at the roots.  However, despite my misgivings my hair turned out great!  My hair has thickened up so beautifully, it actually feels heavier – especially in the center.  It was smooth and soft with just the right amount of body.

Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil Review

At this point, after doing a couple of Amla/Brahmi powder treatments and using my new growth aid, I think I can conclude that they have been working to thicken my hair.  Although I am now in a weave, I will continue to use the Indian powders and growth oil upon removal.  I know that I absolutely do need a trim, but after I took my length photos, it didn’t appear to be as bad as I thought.  I intended to have it trimmed when I got home before having my weave installed but it just didn’t work out that way, so I ended up only having my leave-out area trimmed a bit.  Hopefully this won’t do any harm.  Thanks for reading this incredibly long post!

The salon visit and video was recorded the week of May 21st.  Sorry I do not have more photos…in the meantime my phone went on to electronic heaven!  *moment of silence please*

  • Tonkabelle

    Your hair turned out really lovely and looks extremely healthy.

  • blutifulblaq

    Your hair looks absolutely amazing! You can definitely see how well your hair is thickening! It looks super full and healthy!

    • Thank you! I really am a believer in the Indian powders – can’t wait to get back to them once I take down my weave.