Self Relaxing Tips Pt IV – Aftercare

Self Relaxing Tips Pt IV – Aftercare


Welcome to the fourth and final part of my ‘Self Relaxing Tips‘ series – aftercare.  Once I’ve neutralized and rinsed my hair, my routine is not finished.  There are certain steps that I follow to ensure my hair has been restored to normalcy as much as possible.

Self Relaxing Tips – Steps After Neutralizing:

  1. Chelate to remove any leftover mineral deposits from the relaxer, especially no-lye relaxers (Learn about chelating shampoos here).
  2. Apply Roux Porosity Control for 1-2 minutes to restore hair to its normal acidic pH; relaxers are highly alkaline.
  3. Deep condition with a moisturizing deep conditioner.  I used Optimum Care Deep Conditioning Masque this relaxer, but I also love Kerapro Deep Intensive Treatment.  I mention other great moisturizing deep conditioners in the video
  4. Apply a clear rinse to help repair the cuticle and further correct porosity; Also adds smoothness and shine.  (Read more about the benefits of clear rinses here).
  5. Style normally.

In case you missed ANY of the previous parts of my Self Relaxing Tips, you may click on the tag “Self Relaxing How To” below any one of the articles and it will take you to the complete list.

  • Ghanaian Emprezz

    All your posts are tempting me to start self- They are straight to the point and well-explained. It actually makes the whole process appear easy to do.

  • jenijen

    These self-relaxing posts are such a great resource!

  • Blessed Tresses

    I really enjoyed this series. Thanks for sharing some new things to add when I finish self-relaxing!

  • Jazzy

    Although I do not self relax, I really enjoyed this series. It was very thorough and informative. And if I ever self relax in the future I will definitely use this method.