Self Relaxing Tips Part III: Application & Rinsing

Self Relaxing Tips Part III: Application & Rinsing


Alright, alright alriiiiiiightttttt – we gone learn today, how I actually apply my relaxer!  This is Part III of my ‘Self Relaxing Tips‘ series, you’ve prepped your hair, gathered your tools, sectioned and protected your length and now we are ready to process!

Honestly, there isn’t much for me to say about how I apply my relaxer so please just enjoy the video.  Pardon my face, my concentration and the lack of talking.  I know it may not be very entertaining to watch, but it was requested for me to show how I actually apply my relaxer so…I hope you find something remotely helpful about it.  I’m not perfect.  I’m not a professional.  And I’m not saying this is how YOU should do it….but it’s how I get er done!

After I have reached my maximum processing time of 20 minutes, I jump in the shower and rinse extremely well.  I don’t just allow the water to run for a few minutes then proceed to the next step…no, no, no!  I rinse for at least 5 minutes or more, moving the sections around to allow the water to hit directly on various sections of hair.  I continue to rinse until I don’t feel anymore relaxer creme within my hair, then I apply a reconstructor – either the Optimum Care Reconstructor (which comes supplied in the kit) or ApHogee 2 minute reconstructor.  Not that these are the only two options, but they are the only two I’ve used.  I allow that to sit on my hair for at least two minutes (yes, I time it) and then rinse thoroughly.  Finally I apply my neutralizing shampoo.  I shampoo with neutralizer twice – first to rinse any remaining creme.  During the second wash, I allow the shampoo to sit on my hair for several minutes to ensure that the action of the relaxer is completely stopped and then I shampoo normally.  I prefer color coded neutralizing shampoos (the kind that turn pink when there is still relaxer present) because its just an added element to ensure you’ve completely rinsed and neutralized your hair.

Okay, now your hair is smooth, straight and silky – its time to follow up this process with a little TLC, so stay tuned for the final part of the Self Relaxing Tips series – Aftercare!

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    thank you for this. I have self relaxed for years, but not on a HHJ to retain length and avoid damage. so this is extremely helpful!!!!