Self Relaxing Tips Part II: Sectioning & Protecting

Self Relaxing Tips Part II: Sectioning & Protecting


Welcome to Part II of my ‘Self Relaxing Tips‘ series!  You should have learned how I prepare my hair the week before touching up, the tools I’ve gathered by this point and now I’m go into detail about how I section and protect my hair prior to applying my relaxer.  I’ve been using this same method since February of 2012 and it has probably been the BIGGEST reason for successfully self relaxing my hair – which as you may remember me saying, I actually prefer not to do.  But a healthy haired girl’s gotta do what a healthy haired girl’s gotta do, right?!

I begin by parting my hair into two halves and even though I touch up about three months apart, I still do not ever part my hair into the same two halves; therefore avoiding stressing the same main areas of my hair.  I also try to rotate where I begin applying the relaxer as well so that one section doesn’t constantly have the relaxer creme on for a longer period than the rest of my hair.  Sometimes I start in the front, sometimes in the middle, other times in the back.

Once I have my hair parted in half, I apply a protein rich conditioner to protect the length of previously relaxed hair.  i choose a protein conditioner because relaxers break down the protein in hair during processing, so in MY mind using a protein conditioner is the best form of protection.  Nothing fancy or expensive, I use Bee Mine’s Avocado Cream Conditioner simply to use it up but an cheapie like Aussie 3 Minute reconstructor will do.  Then I begin to create small, even sections using my point tail comb.  Take your time, check the sections using two mirrors if you need to.  These sections are going to be how you apply your relaxer so you don’t want them too wide or uneven.  Then I apply a base to my scalp, castor oil to the length on TOP of the conditioner and twist the length.  I don’t begin the twist near the new growth and am only twisting to help keep the sections separate.  Near the bottom of the twist, I apply a two prong clip to hold it into place.  I show my process of sectioning and protecting in the below video and I also illustrate how to place your shower caps so one half of your hair stays dry while you work on the other.  Enjoy!

Next up, Part III of my Self Relaxing Tips series – The application process!  Yes, I recorded it just for you!

  • Now, you have me wanting to do my relaxer but I don’t think I have enough clips. How many 2-prong clips did you use?