Sew In Weave with Net and Hair Left Out (How To)

Sew In Weave with Net and Hair Left Out (How To)


While I was home in New Jersey, I did a lot of hair, including quite a few sew in weaves.  It was always for family, so we don’t charge one another money, but my price is agreeing to be featured on L4L.  Taking pics – with smiles, sans attitudes – is non-negotiable!  My cousins didn’t mind so much, especially since I gave everyone hair, but my mom always catches an attitude.  Whatever! No pics, no hairdo – the end! So, my mom is my model for today’s tutorial:  how to do a sew in weave with net and hair left out.

Sew In Weave with Net and Hair Left Out - Longing 4 Length

Using weaving net when installing a sew-in serves multiple purposes: it relieves tension from your real hair, allows you to sew the tracks more evenly along your braided base, preserves the braids longer, allows the hair and weave to lay flatter and can help fill in areas for women with thinning hair.  Here is a look at the braid pattern I did on my mother’s hair.  I left very little hair out in the front (the small braid that is separate) because she wanted minimal hair out and did not want a part.  This pattern is part snake (zigzag back and forth without disconnecting the braids) and the rest beehive (circular pattern in which the end braid ends up in the middle).  The ‘tail’ of the braid was then sewn down in the middle.

Sew In Weave with Net and Hair Left Out

Next, I secured the net by sewing it down to the perimeter braid.  This is fairly straight forward when you don’t leave any hair out or only have the very perimeter out as I did here.  However, I also did a few sew-ins with a net with middle and side parts.  If you are leaving more hair out (like for a part), you simply braid down the leave out and sew the net around the leave out to the first “anchor” braid where you will be attaching tracks.  Once you have the net sewn down, cut around the edges (and the leave out) to remove the excess netting.

Sew In Weave with Net and Hair Left Out - Longing 4 Length

Now that your base is secure, you can begin to sew the tracks to the hair like normal.  The net allows you to sew over the parts and in areas where there is no braid which is why using a net makes sew-ins overall more secure.  Since my mother’s hair is thin, I used synthetic hair to help “bulk” up her braids and to aid the net in relieving tension on her natural hair.

How to Do a Sew in Weave – (3)

Once you have all the hair sewn in, you can cut and style as you see fit.  If this were MY hair, I would’ve rocked it just like this.  But my mom is much more conservative, plus she’s older so she ain’t about that full hair life!  I cut the hair into a slight inverted bob and she was ecstatic about the results.  She should’ve been as much as she bugged and harrassed me throughout the whole process….Is it too much hair?  Is it gonna be super full? Do you know how I want it cut?  Is it going to look okay?  Are you sure you can do it? Maybe I should just pay somebody?  I swear she drove me crazyyyyy!

Anyway, I hope you found my instructions helpful.  I know a video would have given a better look, but I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube for the same thing – just search ‘How to Do a Sew In Weave with Net’.  It isn’t difficult, and the extra 15 minutes it takes to apply a net will help the style look and last so much better!

Mommy & I in Seattle
Mommy & I in Seattle
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