Shampoo Bars v. Liquid Shampoo

Shampoo Bars v. Liquid Shampoo


If you’re like me then you’ve tried pretty much every product or type of product on the market. I have been natural since November 2009 so I enjoy experimenting but I don’t enjoy how time consuming and expensive it can be sometimes. But one of my new favorites are shampoo bars.

Shampoo Bar versus Liquid Shampoo - Longing 4 Length

Shampoo Bars are a relatively new concept and they’re becoming more popular as more companies (especially small businesses) make them. My first Shampoo Bar was from Oyin Handmade (read my review here) and my most recent one is from OBIA Natural Hair Care. I really like the convenience of Shampoo Bars. Some are hesitant about leaving their conventional liquid shampoo but I’m here to let you know that you won’t be disappointed once you try one. Here’s why!

Shampoo Bars allow you to save product. A little goes a long way and you only need a tiny piece of the bar each time you shampoo your hair. I often find that I use too much liquid shampoo and once it’s in my hand I can’t put it back in the bottle once I’ve accidentally poured too much in my hand.

I also love that Shampoo Bars last soooo long. If you want to save space and cut down on expenses, Shampoo Bars are great because you can buy only one Shampoo Bar and have it for pretty much the entire year.
Shampoo Bars are easy to travel with. You don’t have to worry about TSA guidelines when you travel with a Shampoo Bar or any accidental spills.
I love that Shampoo Bars – at least the ones I’ve used – are moisturizing and don’t strip the hair of its oils or dry out my scalp even though they leave your hair extremely clean.
Shampoo Bars are also the perfect way to clean your scalp while you’re wearing a long-term protective style. When I had box braids for eight weeks I was able to cleanse my scalp easily with a tiny slice of my Shampoo Bar.
Have you tried a Shampoo Bar? Which one is your favorite? Please share below.
  • How were you able to keep box braids for eight months?

    • I am so sorry. LOL. I meant eight weeks.

    • I’ll have Monet come back and answer you! 🙂

  • Li

    Would be interesting if you could do a Review on a shampoo bar vs liquid shampoo of the same brand and making. Then it would be easy to compare the differences.

    • I can’t think of any companies that actually have both but if I can find one, I will try. That’s a great idea!

    • This is a great idea, but I’m not sure how it would actually work because companies often make certain products better than others. For example, I have never found a moisturizer as good as any from Bee Mine but my hair doesn’t like their conditioners as much. I’ll try to review ones from the same line, but that may or may not indicate the differences, ya know? Great idea and thank you for the request!