Side Part Weave with Leave Out Tutorial (Including Braid Pattern)

Side Part Weave with Leave Out Tutorial (Including Braid Pattern)


Back with another sew-in tutorial, this time I am featuring a side part weave with leave out.  Today’s model is my little cousin, Kyndra, who asked me to do her hair for graduation.  Believe it or not, this was K’s first time having a side part weave – she normally does a center part.  I think both are equally beautiful, but there is a sultriness to a side part (especially if it covers one eye!) that gives it an extra sexy factor.  Since K is only 17, I didn’t do an extreme side part weave for her, but to achieve that look you would follow these same steps and simply adjust the parted area for the leave out.

How to Do a Side Part Weave Sew In ‒ Longing4Length

To start, I parted the area of her real hair that would be left out to cover the tracks on the side of Kyndra’s head where she wanted her side part.  Next, her hair was braided down and the loose ends were sewn flat.  No matter what braid pattern I choose for any install I do, I always cornrow one continuous braid around the perimeter and leave out to serve as the “anchor” braid.  I also left a tiny amount of hair out around the front edges, per Kyndra’s request, so she can pull her side part weave back into a ponytail without worrying about track exposure.

Side Part Weave Braid Pattern - Longing 4 Length After the foundation is braided, I applied a weave net.  I’ve already provided a tutorial on how to do a net weave, but for those who missed that post, the purpose of using a net is many: it helps the braided foundation to last longer and lie flatter, relieves tension from the real hair, and allows for a more secure install.  I sewed the net to the anchor braid, then cut away the excess from the edges and around the leave out area.

Side Part Weave Tutorial - Longing 4 Length

Next, the hair was sewn onto the foundation and the tracks were folded, not cut, to decrease shedding.  Once the hair was completely sewn down, I flat ironed her leave out and curled the hair with my Hana Titanium Flat Iron.  Then, I pincurled the hair before it cooled to allow the curl to “set” which helps it last longer.  Kyndra wanted to have the option of reusing this hair for another installation so she asked that I not cut it into a layered style.

Side Part Weave - Longing 4 Length

Lastly, after doing her makeup, we removed the pins for a loose flowing look.  She was happy with the final look and so was I!  I thought her side part weave looked beautiful with her cap and gown and I was so happy that I was home and able to do it for her special day.  I can’t believe she’ll be off to college this fall…seriously!!!  I pray she and our other cousin (who will be attending the same university) have fun, keep a level head and strive for greatness.  Of course, I’ll keep them hooked up on the hair front! 🙂

Side Part Sew In Weave - Longing 4 Length

  • LaQT/ Ty

    Wow, great job. I didn’t know you did hair like this. It came out beautiful, the total look. I need to save this post to try this for my mom. She keeps asking me to do a sew in for her, but I am so lost on where to even start.

    • Aww thanks! Yeah, I’m pretty decent as a kitchen beautician but I only bring out those skills for friends and family. I’m lazy and don’t like doing it all the time, but my cousins, nieces and I can all hook each other up….which is yet another reason I love going home! They save me some coins, lol! Good luck with your mother’s hair – if she’s anything like my mom (in last week’s post) you will have to have the patience of Job! lol!!!!