Skincare Routine and Update

Skincare Routine and Update


Thank you to everyone who has noticed and complimented me on the improvement of my acne.  You know that I actively work on making it the best it can be so receiving your confirmation that my current routine is making a difference is music to my ears!  I’ve largely been following the same skincare routine as always, but its a bit more simplified that it was last year this time – I don’t do the “extras” as often as I once was, for time sake.  But the basic regimen remains and my product rotation has not changed for months.

Daily I wash my face and exfoliate simultaneously using Purely Clear Facial Cleansing Concentrate and the Clarisonic Mia 2 brush.  Although this face wash is only available online, my skin loves the ingredients and it works really well in conjunction with the Clarisonic brush so I continue to remain faithful to what works.  After cleaning my face, I tone using witch hazel to remove any last traces of dirt, oil and return my skin to its normal pH.  Lastly I moisturize using Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 30.  I should mention that while traveling, I use the Mario Badescu Special Enzyme Cleansing Gel, which agrees with my skin but is not a foaming cleanser so that is why I don’t use a full size at home, non-foaming cleansers do not work well with Clarisonic brushes.

Once or twice monthly, I use a facial mask which changes depending on my skin’s needs, which I outline in the video below.

For more info about these face masks, my thoughts and how they work for my skin, check out the video.

There are times when I need to be a bit more diligent so I step up my skincare routine as needed to include a facial at home, using my Personal Microdermabrasion system and of course always trying to drink as much water as possible.  While I may not use the masks or PMD every single week like I once was, they still are a necessary part of my routine when I have breakouts or a special occasion arises.  Thank you again for your comments on my skin, I am enjoying the slow and steady changes I’m seeing and hope it continues!

If you have any questions or special requests regarding my skincare routine, just let me know!

Skincare Routine - Longing 4 Length

  • Misha

    You might have heard this from others before, but for me the Clarisonic can cause acne, especially if I’m not using the delicate or sensitive brush head. I only use it once in a blue moon now. For me, 60 percent of the time my breakouts come as a result what I ingest. I know for some people it can be gluten, lactose, etc., related, but I’m affected by vitamins and supplements (especially vitamin B12, which sucks because I’m extremely B12 deficient). Good luck and congrats on your progress.

    • I have heard that, but luckily it hasn’t had that affect on me. And you are so right, my skin always reflects my internal health for sure. Thanks for your comment!

      BTW – regarding your B12 deficiency, are you vegetarian? Just curious…

      • Misha

        I just tried to respond but I think I did something wrong! But, no, I’ve never been a vegetarian, and I’m trying to find ways to get more B12 in my diet, in addition to supplementing with very small doses of B12 since I’m not willing to take the higher doses of the vitamin that I need (because of the painful cysts that develop and last for at least three weeks).

  • Hi E, great post. I don’t use my Clarisonic as much as I use to but I still love it. I’ve been loving Dermalogica products for quite sometime now. I will save this post for later when I’m ready to try something different. Oh and, this post would go good with my #techniquethursday linkup. It’s now open to hair & beauty. I revised the linkup a little.

    • Thanks girlie. I’ll check out your link up next week, I’m so swamped with stuff I didn’t even get to your comment until now. Thanks for dropping in 🙂