Spring Cleaning Your Natural Hair

Spring Cleaning Your Natural Hair


Spring Cleaning Your Natural Hair

Spring is finally here! And despite Mother Nature’s unwillingness to let go of the cold, I’m excited and ready for the warmer months ahead…but I’m not so sure I can say the same for my natural hair. The winter weather (and all that comes with it) can sometimes wreak havoc on your tresses. And with the warmer temps literally right around the corner, it’s time to get those curls poppin’ and ready! I’ve created a “Spring Cleaning Your Natural Hair” routine to help me prep my curls for the higher temperatures.

Take Inventory

Even though I don’t always want to admit it, I’m a product junkie (just check under my sink and in my garage)…lol! So the first item on my hair spring cleaning to-do list is to take inventory of all the products I’ve used over the past few months. I rummage through my shampoos, conditioners and stylers and determine which ones should be revisited, donated, restocked (this applies to my staple products only), combined, used up or just thrown out. Let me just say, this is not an easy step for me but it’s necessary; like most product junkies I can come up with an excuse reason to keep almost every product I have, smh.

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Re-evaluate your regimen

I like to pride myself on maintaining a pretty simple (and consistent) natural hair regimen. But when the seasons change so does my hair and I find it necessary to switch things up a bit. So of course the second item on my “Spring Cleaning Your Natural Hair” to-do list is to re-evaluate my natural hair regimen. During the colder months, I usually shampoo and condition my hair weekly/bi-weekly depending on my current style. But during the warmer months, I tend to co-wash my natural hair every few days and shampoo only when necessary. So with all that in consideration and an idea of my current product (junkie) inventory, I’m able to create a new regimen perfect for the upcoming warmer months.

Start Fresh

When I think of Spring, I always think of fresh, new beginnings! And I feel the same when it comes to my natural hair, so I like the last item on my “Spring Cleaning Your Natural Hair” to-do list is to start fresh. After months of having my natural hair in protective styles and being ruffed up from the wool hats/scarves/coats when it wasn’t, I definitely think it’s time for something new. So whether you’ve been wrestling with the idea of a new style/cut, a new hair color or just in need of a trim…now is the time.


Do you have a natural hair Spring Cleaning routine? What steps do you take to prep your hair for the Spring and Summer?


  • I have hoarder qualities which makes it hard to rid myself of things when I KNOW that I need too. I decluttered my stash months back. It wasn’t season driven, yet it was a necessity because I had things collecting dust that needed to be tossed.

  • I’m such a hoarder. I hate that these brands don’t offer sample packs first so you can see what you’re getting yourself into before buying. I have so many products that I dont’ care for but don’t want to throw away. Maybe I should just give them away because I know I need to start over.

  • NancyM

    I’m natural and my daughter is texturized so if something doesn’t work for me it often works for her and vice versa. That’s usually how I clean out my stash. I don’t take any particular steps to prep for Spring/Summer, but I do plan to try more hair masks and deep conditioning treatments.