Sprush Review: Revolutionizing My Relaxing Process

Sprush Review: Revolutionizing My Relaxing Process

sprush review

sprush review I mentioned the sprush (a hybrid between a brush and spatula) in my most recent wish list ramble and said I wanted to invest in it for my next touch up.  I believe I first read about this tool from Sunshyne of Hairlicious Inc, but then read two additional awesome sprush reviews from Jeni of Just Grow Already and Nadege of Relaxed Hair Health.  These are three of my favorite relaxed hair blogs, plus all of them have been self relaxing much longer than I have and also have heads of hair I hope to achieve one day (soon!).  So of course, since they were all singing the praises of this handy tool I felt it worth the investment – after all at $6.95 it is not a big splurge purchase to say the least.  I couldn’t decide which one to purchase.  Normally when I relax my hair, I either use the stick supplied for mixing the activator or the flat side of a rattail comb to apply my relaxer.  So I wasn’t sure that the sprushes shaped similarly to an applicator brush would be the best option for me because I am used to using a different shaped tool.  So, I thought sprush model # TC2020 would be the best choice.  However, Sunshyne’s one complaint about this model was that it was a bit long so flexibility when applying was lost.  So I decided to buy two –  TC2040 (yellow) and TC2030 (green).  I tried both on relaxer day so I could give a comparison on which I prefer.

Well, ladies, the hype is completely true.  These tools are amazing.  First of all if you’ve ever used the wooden stick you know that about halfway through your application process, it becomes weak and pliable.  Recently I always had a couple of extra tongue depressors on hand, but still…that’s a pain.  Plus some of the relaxer always touched a few strands of previously relaxed hair, which annoyed me to no end.

When I first began my touch up, I was using the yellow sprush because it was what I thought I would prefer.  Sunshyne is right – this is a bit too long for me to maneuver easily so I switched to the green sprush.  Immediately I began moving faster with very accurate placement of the relaxer creme; Even in the back of my head because of the stiffness of the sprush, I could feel where I was placing the relaxer better than my previous methods.  I love when I try a hair product or tool and it lives up to or even beyond my expectations!  I show both items below and discuss why I think they are so awesome:

Where you can buy your sprush:


Green Sprush (TC2030): http://amzn.to/SYrLlF
Yellow Sprush (TC2040): http://amzn.to/P6Jgoz

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  • Sdestra HairJourney

    I’ll get the green one 🙂

    • You will love it…seriously everybody is right – it IS the bomb! lol

  • jenijen

    Yay! Happy to hear you love yours!! I can’t imagine not having my sprush for touch ups. I’m doing a Sprush giveaway soon, that’s how much I love mine haha.

  • Candace

    Great post! I really want to try these. Mostly for applying my deep conditioners especially for when I’m further along in my stretches. I won’t even try to self relax. lol I’ll be bald.

  • Jazzy

    Great review as usual Ebony. I can count on you to give an honest review. I don’t self relax but I do use an old style applicator brush for deep conditioning and I must admit it’s time to through it out and get a sprush. Thanks chica!

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  • Bebe Hairausforderung

    the green one is on my christmas-whislist 🙂