Stop Claiming #TeamNatural Prematurely!

Stop Claiming #TeamNatural Prematurely!


Alright ya’ll – this is a rant. Consider yourselves warned, these are just my own personal opinions and pet peeves!  Lemme start by saying, you know I love all forms of healthy hair.  Big natural hair, sleek relaxed hair – I promise, depending on the day and which way the wind blows I want to wear my hair in nearly every style imaginable. Relaxed and natural.  As you probably already know from following L4L, I hate when Black women are shamed for their style choices.  Bashing relaxers, cracking on weave, turning up noses at naturals.  I just want everyone to hold hands, sing Kum-Ba-Yah and grow healthy hair together!

Stop Claiming #TeamNatural Prematurely

Now, that being said…this whole team natural thing has began to grind on my last nerve.  Some people are so eager to be part of the cool kids clique and jump on the bandwagon that they start claiming #TeamNatural doggone near the day they decide to transition.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard someone who has not retouched their hair with a relaxer in about six months tell me “No, I don’t have a relaxer…its all natural.” I literally stop *blink* and stare at their shoulder length relaxed hair and nod my head in silence.  I mean, I’m not that chick who needs to school the masses.  You wanna say you’re natural?  Fine, be natural.  But its strange to me.  What’s worse is sometimes those same ladies will return to relaxing after the transition gets rough.  Then they tell you “I was natural for six months.” Wait, whaaaaaaa?  Girl bye, you just did a relaxer stretch.  That’s all.

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In fact during my many consultations while looking for a new stylist, so many women would look at my hair and say “Okay, you’re natural.”  I’d immediately correct them that “No, my hair is relaxed.  I have only a couple of inches of natural new growth.”  They’d eye me skeptically and respond “Yeah…but….most of your hair is natural.” Huh? I have 14 inches of hair total, 2-3 is unrelaxed but you wanna call me natural?  Why?

Let’s break this down.  Relaxers are permanent processes.  Japenese straightening treatments are permanent processes.  Until ALL that hair is cut away you are not fully natural.  I get it.  You wanna do the latest “it” thing and upload a picture of yourself  to social media with a ton of hashtags – #TeamNatural #AllMine #NoWeave #NoCreamyCrack #JustMe etc., right?  I know, I know, you wanna be down…

Listen, I’ve already told you I’m tired of the whole “natural hair” phrase anyway and reasons like this is why!  It’s being overused, misused and played out.  My two cents!

But I still love natural hair.  Still love relaxed hair.  And will continue to rep team HEALTHY HAIR!

  • This

    Thank. You.

  • Cre8ive

    Lol! Perfect rant & soo true.

  • NancyM

    Good post! So interesting that you brought this up. I think the same thing. When I was transitioning, I noticed that many ladies considered themselves natural at the start of their transition. I think this may be because that’s when they start using “natural” products and put themselves on a “hair journey”. Still, I thought that was weird, since the relaxed ends were still there. Personally, I didn’t count my 21-month transition as being natural. I called it what it was: transitioning. I’ve been 100% natural since November 2012, which is when I chopped off the last of my relaxed ends. I did a series of chops instead of one big chop.

  • Can’t we all just get along? I so totally feel you on this post! Sometimes I don’t even want to talk about my hair journey anymore. I get so tired of the division between relaxed and natural… weave and no-weave.. Man, it gets ridiculous. It’s just one more line of separation that us women have created for ourselves…. Smh.

    Thanks for sharing your two cents, Ebony!

  • Lesley X

    Great post Ebony, this is so true. I really don’t like this whole team natural or team relaxed business. It’s just dividing people unnecessarily x

  • Well said! Love it! I love all hair types and how refreshing it would be for us all to support each other and be proud of healthy hair of all types and textures.

  • I agree with you 100% TEAM HEALTHY HAIR ALL THE WAY!!!

  • From Mrs. to Mom

    Yes!!!! I know quite a few people who need to read this.

  • I totally agree! I think it’s partially because many ladies are a bit confused as to what’s really natural vs transitioning, etc and are also so excited to claim ‘something’. I mentioned a few products that I’m using that are geared towards natural hair to a friend and she said you might as well go natural since you’re using products for natural hair anyway! I cringed a little on the inside…

  • Shaniqua M.

    This is SO true! I’ve gone from relaxed to natural (2 years) and back to relaxed. Its all a learning process. I just want healthy!