Flexirod Style at 15 Weeks Post

Flexirod Style at 15 Weeks Post


So after this week’s wash day, I maintained my curls by re-rolling my hair nightly on about 8 purple flexirods.  Although I have about 1-1.5 inches of new growth, the resulting style was still pretty cute!

stretching relaxers

Each night I’ve been using the LOC method with a bit of adjustment by moisturizing and sealing with OBI Naturals Curl Hydration Spray, followed by Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk, and sealing with the Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil (which has henna and amla herbs).  One of you asked for a review on this oil and I will (of course) happily do one once I have used it enough to form an opinion.  So far, I like it but cannot tell any major difference between it and regular EVCO on my hair, however it has had some very positive stretching relaxers effect on my face!  More on that later.

As you may recall from my series on self-relaxing, I only use “natural” products the week leading up to my touch up so that there are not any -cones or alcohols causing buildup or blocking the straightening action of my relaxer.  What’s funny is I am SO ready to relax…16 weeks is a pretty long stretch for me since I normally relax around 12 weeks but when I asked how many weeks post YOU are on the L4L Facebook page – your answers blew me away!  Ya’ll are some G’s when it comes to stretching relaxers forreal!

So in answer to those who have asked me how I handle my new growth during the latter weeks of my stretch, my answer is I don’t.  To be real 12 weeks and even 16 weeks is not an incredibly long stretch and once I get about 8-10 weeks post I start hiding it under wigs.  But, it sounds like many of you have a lot of experience stretching your relaxers, so if you would be so kind as to leave your tips or even links to blog posts and/or videos you’ve done on the subject I’m sure many would find it beneficial!

Stretching Relaxers

  • Andrea Bonds

    Your hair looks lovely Ebony. I’m still struggling with getting past 8 weeks with my stretches. I have to start off slow, but it’s getting a little easier.

    • Thank you. I think that is really the key – starting off slowly and then increasing. Otherwise if you just jump right in, it could end in disaster!

  • Li

    Do you use any oil in your week up to relaxer? If so, how do you do not to have it ending up on your new growth? I did put in oil on the scalp last time but it was difficult not to have it slipping on to the new growth and the hair was underprocessed in some areas. I like the way ORS relax and leave a certain texture, but I dont want to have it underprocessed. The following time I didnt use anything at all the week before and I got much better result. How do you do when you oil the scalp?

    • Yes, I do use oil to seal but I only apply it to my ENDS not only scalp. Why are you applying oil directly to your scalp? Do you have a dry scalp or dandruff issues? For the most part my scalp is kept free of products unless I am using a growth aid, which I do not do the week of my relaxer. Hope this helps!

  • Li

    I dont have a dry scalp but i got the advice from different people to oil the scalp before relaxing, to protect the scalp. But it doesnt work for me. Now i was My hair With chealating shampoo and dont put anything in for a week, i e till relax day. Then i put olive oil on the lengths, not much though and i leave more Than the new growth free as other wise it slips over easily.

    Looking forward to read about your next relaxer day!

  • Looks good as always!