Angela Simmons Shares Long Hair Secrets

Angela Simmons Long Hair Secrets Angela Simmons Natural Hair Angela SImmons Real Hair Angela Simmons Natural Hair (2)

Ever since the era of social media, celebrities have shared photos of their hair sans weaves first through Twitter and now via Instagram.  Angela Simmons' hair share a few years ago quickly circulated the internet with women on blogs and hair boards alike in awe of how long and healthy her hair is.  Although there are plenty of women online with similar lengths of hair, those women are often documenting their journey to growing long hair so we … [Read more...]

ECP Goes Blonde! Eva Wigs Full Lace Unit

Eva Wigs Full Lace Wig - Longing 4 Length

Hola ladies!  With the huge popularity of the blonde bob, I've been teasing about possibly going blonde for the summer for months. is my chance.  After seeing this full lace unit from Eva Wigs and immediately envisioned myself recreating Ashanti's Braveheart promotional look she's been rocking lately or Ciara's edgy bob from 2013.  Either way, I first wanted to try the unit on, get a feel for which way I wanted to go and of … [Read more...]

Celebrity Hair Instagram Round-Up


Back with a second edition of Celebrity Hair Instagram Round-Up!  I'm somewhat of a hair stalker on Instagram.  I will openly and honestly admit it. I mean...its exhilarating to be able to see their new 'dos as they leave the salon, before any official press photos are taken.  Call me crazy, but in case I'm not alone, here is the latest celebrity hair news I found interesting from Instagram! One thing for sure - we are definitely not the … [Read more...]

Gabrielle Union Says to “Wear Weaves Responsibly” & Celebrities Show off Their Real Hair!

Angela Simmons Real Hair - Longing 4 Length

All my fellow Instagram addicts like me probably saw Ms. Gabrielle Union's photo yesterday - either on her on timeline or reposted to mine, but for those oblivious she posted the glorious photo of her thick, healthy natural hair above with the caption: " can achieve hair growth...With a weave!  This is allllll mine, no clips, no extensions, hadn't even been pressed...And it got this healthy thick length from responsibly wearing … [Read more...]

Blonde Bob Cut – Who Rocks it Best?

Beyonce Blonde Bob Hairstyle - Longing 4 Length (2)

Many of us have become somewhat obsessed with mid length styles and more specifically the blonde bob cut.  This is very apparent in the entertainment industry as celebrities who have almost always rocked long tresses are opting for shorter styles with varying shades of blonde for an edgy, updated look.  And I am a fan of most of the changes...but there are a few ladies who knocked it out of the park for me. I'm not sure, but I think it … [Read more...]

Best Hair of the 2014 Grammy Awards!


Although I haven't posted about the last few award shows, my long time followers know I rarely miss the actual show and can usually be found on Twitter (@ECPrincess1) during their airing!  I'm such a music award show fanatic, I LIVEEEEEEEE for the red carpet looks, memorable acceptance speeches and historical performances.  Big shows like the Grammy and BET Awards never disappoint as many celebrities use the opportunity to debut new looks and … [Read more...]

Queen Latifah Hair Crush – I’m Jonesing Bad!


I have a serious Queen Latifah hair crush!!!  In my opinion Queen has some of the most beautiful hair in Hollywood.  I've been lightweight obsessed since her days on Living Single and noticed even WAY back then that she was relaxer free, which she later confirmed in a hair magazine interview.  Although she was definitely famous before the sitcom, I wasn't really checking for her hair too much before then..because like most of us, the 80s and … [Read more...]

I NEED Nia Long’s Hair!

nia long hair mid length

I am not sure why I'm so obsessed with shorter lengths right now, but have you guys seen Nia Long and more importantly her hair lately?!  Her mid-length styles are so gorgeous and look so easy breezy!  I'm thinking of getting a lace wig and styling it just like Nia's hair;.  I think a 10 or maybe 12" wig would do the trick with some very light layering around the face.  This may just be what I do for the fall, especially since I am … [Read more...]