Manicure Mania! Tons of Nail Art

nails nail art manicures

I've fallen back into my old tricks - posting pics of my manicures each week on Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) but not sharing with you here.  So I decided to do a massive collective post showing all of the manicures I've done from the past couple of months.  Get it go! As you can see, I've truly been feeling dotticure nails!  I'm trying to tell you, a set of dotting tools only costs around $1 (including shipping) and the … [Read more...]

A Different Kind of Gradient Nails!


It's been way too long since I've shared nail photos, let alone a tutorial!  With the advent of the almighty Instagram, I'm just more apt to snap a quick pic with my cell phone and share than to upload here to the blog!  Which is really sad because I like sharing my thoughts on my various manicures, my impressions and opinions about the polish and of course tutorials!  Today's nail art is another gradient nails tutorial, but different than the … [Read more...]

Easter Pastel Skittle Manicure

easter pastel skittle manicure

Confession:  I hate cartoony-caricature type of nail art.  You will most likely never ever see me with a bunny on my nails for Easter, snowmen for Christmas or turkey for Thanksgiving.  I just don't find it age or work appropriate, completely a personal preference - not meant to throw shade on anyone who loves it.  So although I don't have decorated Easter eggs or a bunny on my nails, I do love the pastel palette usually found in most Easter … [Read more...]

MANICure Monday: Thanksgiving Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails

I had to cut my nails down this week due to two broken ones and the way they broke, I also had to change the shape to round rather than squoval, which is my preferred nail shape.  No biggie...change is good!  I'm just glad I finally returned to being a little creative with my nails and have something worthy of posting for MANICure Monday.  Ombre nails were my manicure of choice this week with rich shades of brown, orange and gold - perfect for … [Read more...]

Nail Tutorial Purple Gradient Nails

nail tutorial gradient nail art

Here is the tutorial for the purple gradient nails I did in my "How to manicure your nails" video.  I wondered FOREVER how people managed to get their polish to appear to fade from one color to the next...and now I know! Its actually an extremely easy technique so even those of you who claim to be nail polish/art-challenged can master this.  Enjoy! To get started you will need three different shades of purple polish - one light, one medium … [Read more...]